Herridge: ‘Absolutely No Backup Data’ For Russian Hacking Narrative

Robert Kraychik

Friday’s declassified intelligence report “has absolutely no backup data” to support its conclusions, noted Fox News Channel’s chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge:

“This unclassified report really has absolutely no backup data about sources or methods, and critics will use this as a way to say that the intelligence community politicized this report and they’re hiding behind protecting sources and methods by not releasing the information.”

Herridge also noted the heavy focus of the joint DNI-CIA report on RT, the left-wing English-language propaganda arm of the Kremlin:

herridge1_small Herridge: 'Absolutely No Backup Data' For Russian Hacking Narrative News

“Reading the unclassified report, you’ve go to take a lot on faith, I have to say. Because there really is no data that’s declassified or sourced beyond a lot of reporting about the Russian-backed TV network RT. But this hardly seems like strong intelligence for someone who’s looking at these conclusions.”

Herridge observed the lack of “underlying data” to corroborate report’s dual claims that: 1. Russia hacked into the email accounts of John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee, and 2. Russia then provided these illicitly obtained emails to WikiLeaks.

Herridge offered her own advice to political and media observers: “I really encourage people to read it for themselves and come to their own conclusions about the report.”

Watch the segment below.

Left-wing media Democrats such as CNN’s Jake Tapper – who operate on a pretense of objectivity – are pushing the Obama administration’s narrative of Russian political interference benefiting Trump as prima facie.

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