Hillary Clinton Should Follow Wasserman Schultz and Quit: Paul Manafort

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned over her failure to secure the DNC’s email servers and the rigged system she set up with the Clinton campaign.

Now Hillary Clinton should follow Wasserman Schultz’s lead and drop out over her failure to safeguard top secret, classified information both on her unauthorized home server and while traveling abroad,” Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort says in statement.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort: DNC emails ‘prove system was rigged’

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort says leaked emails showing top Democratic Party officials conspiring to undermine Sen. Bernard Sanders’ presidential primary campaign proves the “system was rigged against them from the start.”

manafort_small Hillary Clinton Should Follow Wasserman Schultz and Quit: Paul Manafort

“The only reason they’re not the nominee is because the superdelegates, who are the established, elected officials of the Democratic Party,” Mr. Manafort said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The fix was in from the beginning.”

Mr. Manafort said supporters of Mr. Sanders have “a lot to be complaining about” and may end up throwing their support behind Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

He pointed to polls showing a significant faction of Mr. Sanders’s supporters don’t plan to vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November.

“Right now, you’ve got polls out that show less than 55 percent are going to support Hillary Clinton,” he said. “And a number of them who were against the rigged system can find support in what Donald Trump has been saying, as far as he wants to do, in breaking up the rigged political system, breaking up the rigged economy.”

“If there’s anyone who’s against Wall Street, it’s Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, who basically lives off of the funding from Wall Street,” Mr. Manafort said.