Hillary Clinton’s Unaffected Disrespect for Women Voters


The Voters Are Not Stupid! The Clinton Glory Day’s are Over, They had There Chance.

Do people really think that a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign Was a good idea—for the Democratic Party? Maybe it doesn’t matter; some political locomotives just move ahead, even if the wreck is predestined, and her campaign is now coming the End. Hillary Clinton Is a Full Time Liar, after Bill, after the First Lady stint and all those Clinton scandals, the woman in the plane with the BlackBerry and her own Corrupt relationships with world leaders.

Women voters need to think about this; Hillary is married to a Man who aggressively seeks out anonymous women. Her husband is a sexual predator; and what is more disturbing is that Hillary knows her husband is a sexual predator and did not divorce him, did not distance herself from him, did not aggressively condemn his behavior.

Hillary has known for decades that her husband Bill is a sexual predator who has no respect for the dignity of women.  He had to pay Paula Jones $850,000 in order to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit, when Jones was initially willing to accept just an apology.  But Bill refused to apologize; he can’t find it in himself to show any kind of remorse for how he abused Paula Jones.  Bill was also accused of rape by another woman, Juanita Broaddrick, and has had a long list of women who complained about his indecent behavior toward them.

And in recent years Bill descended even lower into sexual decadence, flying with convicted pedophile  Jeffrey Epstein, to his island near Puerto Rico, an island where young girls were taken for alleged sexual encounters.  Bill just can’t stop.
But what is most disturbing is what this says about Hillary.  Not only that she tolerates and to some extent enables her husband Bill to continue the sexcapades but that her closest aide, Huma Abedin, is also involved in a similarly bizarre marriage with another sexual predator. (At Least Huma Abedin Recently Filed for Divorce) And Hillary touts herself as being very sensitive to the needs of women, of being the first woman candidate for President, as someone who will bring an enlightened awareness of women’s’ issues to the White House.  Yet she is most comfortable with an aide that also has a husband who is a sexual predator.

BillClintonDebateFace_small-2 Hillary Clinton's Unaffected Disrespect for Women Voters Voters

Her approach toward women is not enlightened, it is darkened.  Few women would tolerate being married to a man who is a sexual predator.  And for the Clintons to be in the national spotlight and get away with this is particularly disturbing. It shows that they both just don’t care what people think, and for Hillary this proves that she doesn’t care how this looks to other women.

She wants the votes of women but women voters need to think about Hillary’s outlook on women’s’ issues if not just she, but her closest aide, share marriages with men with a less than dignified view of women.  It’s difficult to accept the idea that Hillary will advance women’s issues if she doesn’t care about the most offensive behavior of men, that men use women they don’t know as sexual playthings.  And for her own husband to have a long and proven history of this is difficult to accept.

Women need to think over whether they want to elect Hillary and Abedin to positions of power and control in the White House, and what changes they will force upon women and their families.

The course Democrats have taken on personal issues is more in the direction of violating the dignity and freedom of women, not enhancing it.  And Hillary has shown a cold indifference toward the common sense concerns women have regarding the concepts of marriage and family. 

Hillary’s concept of a good husband is not shared by the majority of women.  And given Obama’s bathroom initiatives women voters have valid concerns over what troubling changes Hillary has in store for them.