Hillary SCREAMS About Trump Supporters

Hillary Clinton became unhinged at a Tuesday rally, as she suddenly began screaming about Donald Trump supporters after a protester got under her skin.

The rally, which was at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, featured Clinton discussing how important the election was and how she viewed the country as “great” when a protester began shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” and held a sign that said the same thing.

The crowd booed the protester, and then Clinton instantly revealed her true nasty self.

hillaryproabortion_small Hillary SCREAMS About Trump Supporters Hillary Clinton

“You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive vision from people who support Donald Trump,” Clinton screeched as she pointed at the protester. “We are not going backwards, we are going forwards!”

The protester was removed from the event.

The American Mirror, which captured the incident, noted that “she didn’t defend her husband,” which is probably because there are at least 14 women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting him. 

Clinton’s eruption also reflects what has been reported about her: that behind the scenes she is a vile, nasty woman who screams cuss words when minor incidents occur, even to something as innocent as someone saying “Good morning” to her.

She will likely have more outbursts like that if the polls continue to tighten.