Hillary’s Plan for an American Oligarchy

Edmund Kozak,

Obama has laid the groundwork for Empress Hillary’s reign.

If President Obama has set the country on a course toward a new, more imperial presidency — supported by an activist Supreme Court that makes legislation rather than judge its constitutionality — a Hillary Clinton presidency will make Obama’s presidency look like an exercise in laissez-faire government by comparison.

It’s been a long, long time since candidate Obama criticized George W. Bush for “trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all.” Indeed, candidate Obama once actually promised that he was “not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress.”

“What she’s promising to do by herself is unprecedented.”

Once elected, however, President Obama spent nearly eight years making candidate Obama look like a big fat liar, and acted like he was born to rule America rather than elected to govern it.

President Obama — who once criticized Bush’s “unilateral’ Iraq invasion — has displayed an unprecedented willingness to go to war without even congressional approval, as he and Clinton did in Libya. He has also shown an enthusiastic willingness to use drones on civilian populations, and has even ordered the execution of American citizens abroad without trial.

Clinton, however, will do much worse. Unlike Obama, who actually has a record of war opposition, even if he abandoned it after assuming office, Clinton has a record as a warmonger. An enthusiastic supporter of her husband’s interventions in Bosnia, Somalia, and elsewhere, Clinton voted for the Iraq invasion and was the main conductor of Obama’s illegal war in Libya.

clintonnotapatriot_small Hillary's Plan for an American Oligarchy

President Obama has also waged a low-intensity war on press freedom and freedom of speech. Indeed, his administration is arguably the most aggressive in modern U.S. history in terms of its war against journalists and whistleblowers. As Eric Holder bragged in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, “we have tried more leak cases — brought more leak cases during the course of this administration than any other administration.”

A Clinton administration will surely offer more of the same. Indeed, Clinton is evidently so worried about information leaks that she likes to have her own personal, private email server. One can also be sure that her administration will be even more closed off to the press than the current one.

While the Obama administration may provide the press with little more than smoke, mirrors, and scripted talking points, at least it engages with the press. Clinton hasn’t given a public press conference since December 2015.

Obama has also perfected activist government. With desk and pen — and in direct contradiction of promises made while a candidate — Obama has issued edicts on everything from immigration to gun control. He also unleashed a politically biased Environmental Protection Agency on the country’s natural resources and gave the IRS free rein to silence conservative opposition.

Conservative activist groups may have made Obama’s life miserable since 2008, but they’ve been going after Clinton since the early 1990s, making it highly unlikely that IRS targeting would cease during a Clinton administration.

In addition to letting some agencies act on authority they don’t have, Obama has also effectively prevented other agencies from acting on the authority that they do have, especially when it comes to immigration enforcement, or rather lack thereof. Where Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is concerned, Clinton will likely go further in preventing the agency from doing its job. “I think we have to go back to being a much less harsh and aggressive enforcer [of immigration laws],” Clinton said on Telemundo in 2015.

President Obama’s taste for executive actions would also be shared by a President Clinton — indeed, she is preparing to take it one step further. She has already pledged to take executive actions on a variety of issues, from gun control to corporate tax evasion to immigration. “I am going to back and support what President Obama has done to protect [young immigrants] and their families, to use executive action to prevent deportation,” she promised.

Finally, with the potential for at least three Supreme Court vacancies to occur during what would be her first term, Clinton’s lawlessness could very well be untouchable should she be in a position to stack the highest court in the land with activist liberals.

“The scope of what she’s promising to do by herself is unprecedented from a top candidate for the presidency,” wrote former Bloomberg D.C. bureau chief, Jonathan Allen, for Vox in 2015.