Historic Arctic Blast Sets Eyes On U.S. West Coast This Next Week

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An arctic blast not seen since the historic 1990 event is setting sights on the entire Western USA, which means that ares from Seattle, Portland, down into California are in for a real cold air-mass, most notable over the Pacific Northwest and threatening production along California’s I-5 farming corridor.

This arctic air blast will start across Seattle and Portland on Monday, peaking in the middle part of the week, and lasting through the entire week … a long duration arctic blast event.  Snow is very possible in both these cities and further updates will be given on such.  Low resolution modeling outlooks show temperatures in the teens, however if dry air does accompany the airmass one of the nights .. it’s very possible we could see single digit marks in some locations.

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The blast will head down into Northern California on Tuesday and finally Southern California by Wednesday and Thursday onward … Expecting temperatures to be widespread freezing for much of Central/Northern California for overnight lows … so production across the farming lands along the I-5 corridor through California will be vulnerable. Any snow will be further warned for before it hits … for now the freezing temperatures will be the focus.

Stay tuned for further details …

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