Holder’s Latest Move Could Aid Terrorists

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 Attorney General Eric Holder is once again handcuffing the federal agents tasked with fighting terrorism. Reports indicate the Justice Department developed changes to racial profiling rules that will prohibit the FBI from using a number of factors – including religion – in pursuing criminals. These rules could apply to cases against Islamic extremists dedicated to destroying our way of life.

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While there was no official announcement made following the meeting in which these amendments were reportedly made, an anonymous source close to Holder confirmed many details. Holder released a vague statement Wednesday evening indicating he had just met with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to discuss “preventing crime while protecting civil rights and civil liberties.”

Holder_small Holder’s Latest Move Could Aid Terrorists

The shift is a huge step from incremental changes implemented by George W. Bush more than a decade ago. While that administration banned only the use of race, it did not prevent agents from using even that factor in national security investigations.

Holder’s latest move is sure to placate the radical leftists who demand law enforcement remain willfully blind to obvious indicators of potential terrorist activity. Despite the fact that an overwhelming percentage of terrorism in today’s world stems directly from militant Islam, too many Democrats prefer to ignore facts in a misaligned effort to spare the feelings of law-abiding Muslims.

As Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin claimed a few years ago, existing laws were “a license to profile American Muslims and Hispanic-Americans.”

Holder, proven to be as radical as any leftist demanding stricter profiling laws, was apparently happy to oblige. Still, some activists want even more unequivocal language ensuring these same new rules will apply to national security.

National Network for Arab American Advocacy Director Linda Sarsour called Holder’s announcement “irrelevant” if investigators are still able to consider religion in the fight against Islamic terror. The left’s absurd logic would remove the only common denominator among the vast majority of such attacks.

This administration is once again proving its desire to elevate political correctness above the safety of American citizens.

–B. Christopher Agee

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