Honoring Trayvon With Beatings, Muggings, Burglary and Arson


The family of Trayvon Martin, grieving for their lost child, called for calm reflection across the nation in the wake of the verdict that George Zimmerman was not guilty in Martin’s death.

Their call has fallen on deaf ears.

blacks_small1 Honoring Trayvon With Beatings, Muggings, Burglary and Arson

Around the country, angry mobs have made their presence felt in the wake of the verdict, blocking traffic, beating up innocent passers-by, burning buildings and generally looting and pillaging their communities.

Or as the media put it, being “mostly peaceful.”

The media mantra about “mostly peaceful” protests is the same line they used when Occupy Wall Street was camping on public property, robbing, stealing, raping and vandalizing on a mass scale.

What we’ve seen in the days following the Zimmerman verdict isn’t even properly termed protests, though there has been some sign waving.

Mostly, it’s been just roving mobs of people — not necessarily black people either — with a sort of aimless generalized anger at civilization. They are like human grenades being rolled down a hill, their pins having been pulled and their targets selected by someone else.

In this case, the target is “white” people, even though Zimmerman is Hispanic, and the complaint is “injustice,” even though the system in Zimmerman’s case worked exactly as it is supposed to, allowing an accused man go free because the charges against him were not proved.

The pin pullers are the usual cast of lowlifes: the media, the professional race baiters and political leaders who see an opportunity for gaining more power or momentary advantage from the turmoil they have caused.

In addition to the socially malcontent, there are also professional agitators hired by the Left (you can tell them by their pre-printed  signs) and cadres of criminal opportunists.

As Eric Holder dithers about whether he will file federal charges and President Obama watches with pleasure at the chaos around Martin, the son he never had, mobs in the past few days have: burned down a store in Pennsylvania after spray painting “kill Zimmerman” on it; beaten a Hispanic man while yelling “This is for Trayvon”; attacked a jogger in Mississippi; hit a waiter in the head with a hammer; beaten a man in Wisconsin; blocked traffic in Newark, New Jersey, Houston and New York; burned American flags; broken windows at a Men’s Wearhouse; raided a Los Angeles Walmart; smashed car windows; started fires; and vandalized stores.

That’s not to mention the countless threats, hate messages and harassment aimed at Zimmerman and his family, some of it by celebrities and government officials.

This is one of those moments where the Left sinks to the lowest common denominator and shows what it’s really about.