House Bill Introduced to Sue Obama for Violating Constitution

 Representative Tom Rice (R-SC), who originally drafted the resolution to take Obama to court, has recently introduced it to the House with 74 co-sponsors.

The resolution is a response to Obama’s liberal use of executive authority. He believes he does not need Congress to remove, change, or create laws that match his agenda.

“Our Forefathers carefully crafted our Constitution. No American is above it,” Tom Rice wrote on his Facebook page. “And certainly no elected official is above it.”

WLTX writes:

The STOP Act stands for “Stop This Overreaching Presidency.” If it passes it would not be binding.

House Republicans are taking issue with several executive orders including a year-long extension of health care policies that were ending under Obamacare, a one-year delay on the employer mandate of Obamacare, a deferment on deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the US as children,  and a waiver of part of the welfare work requirement. […]

The proposal has 74 GOP co-sponsors including all of South Carolina’s Republican congressmen.

Lenin-Stalin-Obama-Hillary_small House Bill Introduced to Sue Obama for Violating Constitution

Rep. Jeff Duncan says the President is overstepping his authority with executive orders. “We legislate; the president doesn’t,” Duncan told reporters. “And I think that our founding fathers would be appalled by what they see coming out of the executive branch with the usurpation of that legislative authority.  They would hope that we would exert our checks and balances on the executive branch and say ‘no you can’t rewrite law with just a pen.’”

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), one of the bill’s 74 co-sponsors, released a statement regarding his sponsorship of the bill which would compel Obama to comply with the law:

The fact that we were forced to introduce legislation to judicially force the President to comply with the laws of the land is incredibly sad. One expects imperial behavior in countries ruled by dictators but not in the United States of America, which was once known worldwide as a beacon of freedom and hope. From President Obama’s capricious one-year delay in the ObamaCare employer mandate to his arbitrary decision to grant deferred removal action to illegal immigrants, his transgressions against the Constitution are egregious and must stop.

The executive branch’s sole responsibility is to execute  the law. Obama has proved over and over (and over) that he is either incapable of or actively refusing to do so. It’s time to take action.

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