How HB2 Can Help Flush Out Bad Recruits

Mike Adams,

In a recent Associated Press article, UNC President Margaret Spellings was quoted as saying that North Carolina’s controversial HB2 “bathroom bill” is causing academics to avoid taking jobs in the UNC system. She went on to conclude that this was hurting our efforts to recruit competent faculty. President Spellings is probably correct in her premise that HB2 is causing some academics to avoid teaching in the UNC system. But she’s wrong to conclude that this is hurting our efforts to recruit competent faculty. In fact, it might be helping us by weeding out emotionally unfit applicants.

As a preliminary matter, let’s all agree that most who would claim that they would never take a teaching job in North Carolina due to HB2 are simply lying. In my twenty-plus years of serving on faculty hiring committees (all prior to the bathroom bill controversy) the subject never came up. No male job applicant ever asked whether he could use the little girls room while on campus. Nor did any female job applicant ever ask whether she could use the little boys room while on campus. It was and should have remained a non-issue. Lawless city council members in Charlotte never should have made bathroom access for the deeply confused a political issue in need of a response by the already busy state legislature.

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But alas it has happened. Now, it is theoretically possible that some prospective “educators” are declining to submit applications to the UNC system based upon their shock and horror over determining access to bathrooms by relying on biological reality rather than psychological malady. This raises a fundamental question: What kind of people and prospective “educators” are among those who would actually avoid UNC over the issue?

I could answer the question I just posed very succinctly by saying, “They’re not normal. They’re emotionally fragile.” But I believe that some elaboration is in order. If you are an “educator” who actually made the life altering decision of avoiding a job and an entire state based upon HB2, you probably possess most if not all of these ten characteristics:

1. You were born after 1980.

2. Your PhD is in the humanities or in one of the “social sciences” – as opposed to one of the real sciences.

3. You plan to teach at least one class in a department ending in the word “studies,” which never actually existed twenty years ago but is now seen as “essential” to the university experience.

4. As a faculty member you would not fight against rules restricting free speech. You would instead join university committees seeking to create more of these rules to impose on others while claiming immunity for yourself.

5. You would evaluate students not based on the strength of their arguments but instead based on their contribution to “diversity.”

6. You would weigh the right to free expression against the potential infliction of emotional pain or discomfort allowing the mere prospect of the latter to negate the former.

7. You would declare your own classroom to be a safe space governed by its own speech code.

8. You would actively teach students to be offended by things they had never previously deemed to be offensive.

9. You would spend your career identifying new problems instead of solving old ones.

10. You would lobby for trigger warnings under the guise of defending others while in reality using them selectively as a political weapon to curtail the speech of your opponents.

In summary, I think most people who say they would not teach in the UNC system over the bathroom issue are lying. But those who are not lying are former snowflake students who aspire to be snowflake professors. They are precisely the kind of “educators” who would cause the current infantilization of higher education to snowball, figuratively speaking.

So, let us stay the course. To the extent that the bathroom bill deprives us of professors it will likely occur in non-essential ideologically driven departments that need to be reduced if not eliminated altogether.

  • DrArtaud

    Maybe because I’m getting older, but the author describes a law that leaves me befuddled about what the author’s point was until well into the article (a brief description, bulleted, would have helped), and reading on the legislation I’m equally befuddled.

    Here is the law, House Bill 2, or HB2, of North Carolina, as described on Wiki.

    Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act

    •…..officially called An Act to Provide for Single-sex Multiple Occupancy Bathroom and Changing Facilities in Schools and Public Agencies and to Create Statewide Consistency in Regulation of Employment and Public Accommodations
    • …passed in the U.S. state of North Carolina in March 2016.
    •….Some opponents…describe it as the most anti-LGBT legislation in the U.S.
    •….Some proponents…call it “common sense” legislation.

    •…One contentious element of the law eliminates anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and legislates that in government buildings, individuals may only use restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates.

    •…it prevents transgender people who do not or cannot alter their birth certificates from using the restroom consistent with their gender identity:
    •…in North Carolina, only people who undergo sex reassignment surgery can change the sex on their birth certificates, and outside jurisdictions have different rules, some more restrictive.
    •…The legislation changes the definition of sex in the state’s anti-discrimination law to “the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate.”

    So, the politicians, in North Carolina, exempted govt buildings from compliance, isn’t that special. In other words, North Carolina politicians will not need to experience the misery they legislatively inflicted upon everyone else.

    This is the reason Trump was elected, most of us are tired of the cognitive dissonance.

    Definition of cognitive dissonance: psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

    We’re told that one can select one’s sex, even fluidly. If a man spies a young woman entering a restroom, he merely needs to say that, at that moment, he felt that he was a woman, and he can follow her in, and in North Carolina, that’s OK, providing it’s not a govt building.

    In today’s news was the report of a teacher using a squirt gun to assassinate President Trump’s image projected upon the wall, and the school said there is no proof students were present. But you could hear voices in the video, and besides, I thought schools had a zero tolerance for weapons, where children have been suspended for PopTarts shaped into pistols, thumbnail size action figure toy pistols, and even squirt guns.

    Crazy Teacher Shoots Trump On Projector With Squirt Gun Screaming “DIE!” In Front Of Students

    But sanity not to be maintained, some schools let students practicing the Sikh religion bring double bladed knives to school, worn under their clothes, thereby assuring the safety of others? Interesting, a real double bladed knife worn concealed is safer than a GI Joe action figure toy pistol?

    US School System Allows Kids in Sikhism to Carry Double Edge Knife

    And one can choose one’s sex, fluidly, but not one’s race, as a white woman, identifying with being black and working at the NAACP, was outed, and disgraced by the liberals that insist that people should be free to choose their sex. Oh my aching head.

    Politicians – men are men, women are women. A man that feels like a woman is a psychologically disturbed man, not a woman, and a man that has a sex change is a disfigured man, not a woman. Men will not have monthly cycles, men will never die of ovarian cancer or have hysterectomies, men will not ever, ever, ever, be women. Accommodating insane people at the expense of sane people serves no purpose.

    Build that wall, between men and women restrooms and changing facilities, and be sure people use them by biological factors, not psychotic ones.