How the Federal Government is Ruining Your State and What Can be Done About it

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 The major reason most states are in such financial difficulty, at least the ones that aren’t completely corrupt like California, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, isn’t necessarily due to their own fiscal irresponsibility; it’s more due to federal involvement. Other than Vermont, all states have some sort of requirement to balance their budget.

Yet the allure of the all mighty dollar is all too often just too tempting for state governments to pass on. I hear it all the time, as I’m sure have you. The state of such and such has been awarded an education grant or highway grant or whatever grant from the federal government to the tune of $10 million. This will help needy children get condoms or something.

freedom-1_small How the Federal Government is Ruining Your State and What Can be Done About it

Well, where does the state receiving the largess think the money comes from? Obama’s stash? Yes, it comes from the federal government that takes it from us, funnels it through the federal government labyrinth of worthless departments, and returns a few scraps back to the states, or it simply borrows or prints it.

And of course they give it up as a good will gesture, with no strings attached. They wouldn’t be looking for anything in return? They wouldn’t be looking to bribe a congressman or senator into voting a certain way, would they?

They would never say that the state could have this pile of education money if they just introduce a federal program into the local school system, would they? Just give up a little more control to the feds and you get the cash behind door number 3.

Well, because of these intrusions, there has been a lot more talk recently of individual and states’ rights and wresting our Constitution and country back from the statists in Washington who pervert and subvert it. Mark Levin has developed a brilliant method of taking our country back with his book, The Liberty Amendments. Using his methods, it is certainly achievable, but it will take time.

As you may not be aware, over the past few elections, some states are becoming more conservative. That’s a very good thing, but they are still saddled with the federal government meddling in every facet of the state’s business.

But imagine, just for fun, there was a state with a conservative Governor and legislature capable of “just saying no.” A state government that had the courage to tell the feds to “piss off,” as it were. To say, that according to the Constitution of the United States, we have more power and authority to govern than you do and we’re effectively kicking you out.

It would, of course, require a state to refuse any federal funny money, taken from other states, offered to them.

But you may ask, without the aid of the federal government, how could a state survive, much less balance its budget? In refusing federal “assistance,” the state could then begin to roll back and eliminate all of the onerous and expensive federal mandates Washington has foisted on them.  As we all know, most if not all these federal mandates are unfunded or only temporarily funded by the feds (you and me), leaving the states holding the tax bag after initial funding is depleted. These federal programs bleed the states dry.

Could not the states simply say that they refuses the funding and will not implement the mandate? Of course they could and the feds could do nothing about it but whine.

Most states would be much more fiscally sound if not for the hundreds of federal albatrosses weighing them down.

Do I know of a state with the courage to tell the feds to just leave them alone? Nope, but I think there are couple who could get away with it. Texas and North Dakota could do it.

It would by no means be secession. It would simply be a state telling the federal government that they are more than capable of governing themselves and to leave them the hell alone. They will follow, to the letter, both the U.S. and their own state constitutions and will not consider any further meddling.

Ahhh . . . dare to dream!