How They Will Disarm Us and Search Our Homes

We all know it’s coming and for some of us, it’s already here. Gun confiscations and invasions into our homes will happen and to deny it is like an ostrich putting its head in a hole in hopes of hiding from it.

policemen_small How They Will Disarm Us and Search Our Homes

I have taken some time to compile some excerpts from the book, Total Resistance: Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations by Major H. von Dach Bern in order to explain just one of the ways they will come and how to be on the lookout and prepare for it and, through careful analysis of it, possibly find your own way to counter it. 

In the beginning stages, and to some of us, it’s already happening, you will be given some time to hand over your weapons. Bern explains:

“A certain cut-off date will be set for turning over weapons, ammunition, explosives, and hand grenades: until then people are assured of not being punished if they turn over these weapons. This guarantee will be adhered to at least in the beginning so as not to frighten anyone away.

Should you be so trusting and turn over your weapons you will be put on a “black list” in spite of everything. The enemy will always need hostages or forced laborers later on (read: “work slaves”) and will gladly make use of the “black lists.” You see once again that you cannot escape his net and had better die fighting.

After the deadline, raids coupled with house searches and street checks will be conducted.” (Bern, 169)

As you have noticed recently today in NYC, people have begun receiving gun confiscation notices to turn over their weapons. (See here Also, there have been reports in California, after their new gun laws were passed that people were given a time limit to hand over their weapons. In some cases, door to door confiscations have already occurred, no thanks to Feinstein, Pelosi, Governor Brown to name a few.

During natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the flood in Colorado, there have been reports of people having their weapons confiscated by the police and government officials for no reason, other than they were in view of them.

So what happens when something like another Boston Marathon incident occurs and cities are put under siege, using our Communist government’s so-called, “lockdown” excuse instead of calling it what it is, “Martial Law”?

“During a street check, certain streets are closed off all of a sudden and pedestrians are searched for weapons. Vehicles and contents are searched.” (Bern, 170)

Police have already been creating checkpoints around the country under the guise of “Motor Safety” or “Drinking and driving”, etc. Actually we even reported lately that there have been checkpoints in Tennessee and Fort Worth, TX where people have been forced to have their blood taken as well as a saliva sample under the guise of “voluntarily participating in a government survey” as though you had a choice and then forcing the people to sign a consent form stating that they voluntarily gave this to them and the police weren’t even real police but corporate employees posing as police. And in Tennessee, if you refused to give blood, they would take you back to the station, strap you to a table and forcibly draw blood from your arm without your consent and the MSM which reported on it and showing the video footage of it, does not acknowledge that it is a form of torture but merely questions whether the police should take blood from a person. If you don’t think the MSM is as guilty as our government, then you are sadly mistaken.

So Bern continues by discussing ways to get rid of weapons or material that can be used against you. Depending on the situation, some of it may work, while others may not or may be outdated. But if you are able to adapt to the change in times, I’m sure most of you can find alternative ways or even expand upon them.

“There are many ways to dispose of incriminating material when caught in a street check. If you carry a pistol, explosives, hand grenade, underground newspaper, or leaflets on your person, you must act quickly. During the first few minutes after the street has been blocked off, general confusion will reign; you must take advantage of this. About ten minutes later, the enemy will begin to collect all pedestrians “caught in the net” and line them up in formation (rows, columns of two) to be able to guard them better. Once part of the formation, you will hardly be able to dispose of incriminating material. Your task will be even more complicated since the enemy has previously sent in agents and informers of the State security Service into the area who allowed themselves to be caught as “harmless pedestrians” and who now discreetly watch the crowd.” (Bern, 170)

Notice he mentions “State Security Service”. Hmm…I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like DHS and TSA, don’t you think?

The last sentence in that paragraph should also raise some bells as these “agents and informers of the State Security Service” or DHS/TSA are also known as what we call Agent Provocateurs.

What did we see during the Boston Marathon incident? Many agent provocateurs or undercover FBI agents posing as “harmless pedestrians”, who are rushing to help spread the fake blood on the actors and actresses bodies, yet at the same time, watching the crowd. Since the people are so wrapped up in the shock of it all, these agent provocateurs are able to move freely without much notice to the untrained eye.

Bern continues,

“If you carry the material in a briefcase, a small suitcase or in a tool box put it down on the ground as if you were too lazy to carry it any longer. Stand next to it fighting boredom for a while and then attempt to walk away as if you forgot it. If you are accompanied by a friend he can help you by creating a diversion. For instance he can look excitedly at a roof, then point at it and call out: “There! Someone is doing gymnastics up there! Now he is gone!” In the confusion you will move away from the case in order “to be able to see better.”

Smaller objects such as pistols, hand grenades, bundles of leaflets, single newspapers, can be disposed of in the following manner. Sit down on the curb near a hole. Several friends may be able to stand around you to give you cover and attempt to direct the attention of others elsewhere. Slide the incriminating object into the sewer.

A garden fence is also very good. Lean against it as if bored. Pull out a package of cigarettes and light one. Put the lighter into the bag in which you have the material. When you remove your hand withdraw the object at the same time, hold your hands behind your back and let it slide into the garden through the fence. Even here friends may be able to help you by providing cover.” (Bern, 170)

While these may be good tactics for many situations, I have surprisingly seen these done more by agent provocateurs, especially in the case of the Boston Marathon incident, rather than by ordinary people fighting against our tyrannical government. While these tactics may work, I would seek ways to update or adapt them to modern day situations, as I’m sure you know that the government has a keen eye these days with their video surveillance and so on for catching these sorts of things. Remember: Distraction is the key to hiding things and disappearing. As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, “throw something odd or unaccountable in their way”, so that while they are distracted, you can make a quick getaway.

“Attempt later on to recover the object thrown away – especially in the case of weapons. Let at least three days go by. The enemy may have rigged a trap.” (Bern, 170)

My personal opinion is that this may or may not be a good idea, depending on the place and surveillance in the area. Remember: Adapt to the situation.

“If you are an innocent bystander and notice that people are trying to hide objects, it is your duty to help them as much as you can by ignoring their actions, or by contributing in attempts to distract attention from them.” (Bern, 170)

Bern explains that it is our duty to help each other if any of us are about to be caught or faced with punishment by our corrupt government. For example, at a traffic stop we cannot ignore the police tasering or beating on another American National who we have watched in our neighborhood the whole time and know he is innocent or has done nothing wrong. If we have the means and the ability to do so, we must act to help and protect our fellow Americans through covert means or distraction to prevent that person from getting abused any more. If possible, we must call on the entire neighborhood to come out and kick these aggressors out just like the people in Colorado, who aggressively denied FEMA services that came in with armed escorts and all. By the power and sheer number of armed populace in the local community, they chased FEMA out of their town by force and intimidation.

The same goes for checkpoints. We can’t just sit in our cars and watch our fellow countrymen get beaten by police officers for not giving a sample of their blood and abusing their rights, we must all get out of our cars and force them out of the area, by force if necessary, for it is illegal and unconstitutional. It is our right and our duty to do so!

Once again, I say, there are more of us than there are of them. To try and take one of us is to try and take all of us and they don’t and never will have the numbers to do that. Again, like a gang of bullies, the only power the government and police have over us is what we give or allow them to take from us.

Now that we have talked about checkpoints and disarmament, let’s see what Bern has to say about searching houses door-to-door and the same can be applied to apartment complexes as well.

“On the evening before or during the night, a scout in civilian clothes (official of the State Security Service, military, etc.) will conduct a reconnaissance to determine good routes of approach, roadblocks needed, number of personnel required.” (Bern, 171)

As you can see from this statement, they will not just come in one day and say, “Let’s search this neighborhood or apartment complex today”. No, they will scout out the area a day or two before and will do it in civilian clothes. It may be an undercover officer or an undercover DHS operative who you have never seen before that comes walking around, with a smile on his face and nonchalantly surveying and scanning the area for anything that the maps or video surveillance may be too far away or may not be able to pick up. Most likely they will be driving in an unmarked van with surveillance equipment scanning and listening for anything that could be a problem for them during their future house searches.

Basically, Bern is letting us know that take countermeasures against this means we must watch the watchers or merely look for anything out of the ordinary. This doesn’t mean that you have to look out your window 24/7 but that wherever you go, stay vigilant and to keep your close friends informed and prepare them in case something does happen.

So how much time will it be from the time the undercover operative surveys the area to when they will begin searching the houses? Bern continues,

“Approach, encirclement and blocking off the area will be done at dawn. The enemy will conduct this operation as quickly as possible to prevent you from taking counter measures such as organizing resistance, hiding out, escaping, etc.

The house search begins at daylight before people go to work (early shift).

Whenever possible, movable barriers (concertina wire) will be used to conserve personnel. The barrier is to prevent a coming and going of persons from one side to the other. At the same time the enemy provides security for his search elements by using barriers.

Buildings standing alone (villas, etc.) do not offer any particular difficulties. Row houses, however, are more complicated. Here he has at the same time to close off several buildings on both sides of the “target.” (Bern, 171)

As you can see it may not even be a matter of 24 hours before they come storming your houses. I’m sure some places in Austin, TX or other parts of the country have had their neighborhoods surveilled by the government in unmarked vans a night before they raided someone’s house for guns or before they announced they were going to do a drill. In many false flag cases, they do a drill, weeks before and then do the actual false flag event. However, with door-to-door searches, it will most likely happen within 24 hours to prevent any chance of someone blowing the whistle.

So how many people will be coming to our house to do a search? Bern states,

“Normally, an infantry squad of ten to twelve men will be accompanied by one or two members of the State Security Service. Two sentries will be stationed immediately in the attic to prevent escapes via roofs. One guard will be posted in the stairwell on each floor; he will watch the doors. Three men will be on the bottom floor. One each will guard the front and rear house entrance, while the third man will guard the entrance to the basement.

As a rule, all inhabitants will be herded together in a place which can be easily guarded (yard, corner of wall). The owner or janitor must indicate if all are present, who is missing and who does not belong among the inhabitants.

Then the inhabitants are called up individually when it is their turn to have their apartments searched. Doors which cannot be opened will be broken open. The systematic search requires a lot of time. In this case the specialists of the State Security Service will render good services in various respects.

The presence alone of the hated and feared organ of the political police will have a paralyzing and intimidating effect upon the inhabitants.” (Bern, 172-173)

Wow! Does this sound like the Boston Marathon incident and what SWAT, DHS, FBI and paramilitary troops did to the Boston residents when they blocked off the streets and neighborhoods or what?

They told the people to get out of their houses, leave everything behind or be placed under arrest or worse shot if they did not comply with their unconstitutional orders. The people on the entire street were told to go to an area, where they were to wait for further instructions and searched. Meanwhile, they went inside the people’s homes without their permission, looking for one stupid teenager who they made everyone believe was someone who actually bombed the marathon with a pressure cooker in his backpack.

When the residents came back, their doors and windows were left wide open and televisions remained on in the darkness of night for any looter to come and grab anything they wanted, while the entire government and local police were more worried about one little stupid harmless teenager.

It’s interesting to note that Bern’s talks about how the individual police officer or U.S. military soldier will think and respond when paired up with a DHS operative or foreign troop operative to do this unconstitutional search.

“The individual soldier, on the inside entirely disinterested in the whole operation, is forced to greatest activity and harshness by the presence of the representatives of the regime if he does not want to run the risk of being considered politically unreliable.” (Bern, 172)

As we have said before, our government will make sure they have a DHS operative or foreign troop operative in each of their group as a psychological effect by putting pressure on them to make sure that they don’t chicken out and go along with it or be ratted out and faced with punishment by their peers or the government. In some cases, like whistleblowers, this may include threats on their family, indefinite detention or imprisonment or even tortured. So they go along with it out of fear.

It is our duty to try and re-program them by taking a moment to study them and find some leverage to be used over them that can counter or break the control that the government has on them. Something as simple as saying, “As soon as they are done with us, they are going to come for you. You know it and I know it. Is this what you want for your children?”

While most cops these days don’t have a brain in their heads and will never think twice about a saying like that, a member of the U.S. military might if he still believes or is battling with himself in upholding the Constitution, which is why Obama is doing everything he can right now to get rid of and fire those soldiers who have doubts or refuse his unconstitutional orders because he knows this will happen in the field. Some say this has already happened with the failed Syrian war and maybe with the failed bomb that rumors say were supposed to go off in Charleston, SC. That is why he needs foreign troops in American uniform because they have no loyalty to Americans and will do anything Obama says.

Anyways, in getting back to the searching of houses, Bern explains what items and areas of your house or apartment that DHS and the local police will most likely search and in which case, where to avoid hiding any weapons or incriminating evidence. Other obvious places can also be updated to this list as well in order to reflect modern day. Again, it’s up to you to adapt and decide for yourself as you know your house and location better than they do.

The following will be searched carefully: small water tanks of the various types of toilets, closets, suitcases, boxes, stoves, stove pipes (suitable weapons cache), chimneys (hiding places for persons), beds, etc. In addition, they will check the floors to see if they have been tampered with.

Heaps of rubble, waste, wood or coal piles in basements and yards will be probed.” (Bern, 173)

In conclusion, Bern’s leaves us off with one final message, one that can keep the spirit of faith and hope alive in all of us patriots who are fighting to survive and save our country from complete tyranny. While he refers to the Swiss people, we can most certainly relate and apply this same spirit to the American people.

“If two enemies fight each other to the last – and this is always the case when an ideology is involved (religion is part of it) – guerrilla warfare and civilian resistance will inevitably break out in the final phase.

The military expert who undervalues or even disregards guerrilla warfare makes a mistake since he does not take into consideration the strength of the heart.

The last, and admittedly, most cruel battle will be fought by civilians. It will be conducted under the fear of deportation, of execution, and concentration camps.

We must and will win this battle since each Swiss male and female in particular believe in the innermost part of their hears – even if they are too shy and sober in everyday life to admit or even to speak about it – in the old and yet very up-to-date saying:

“Death rather than slavery!”

Bern, March 17, 1958” (Bern, 173)


Bern, Major H. von Dach. Total Resistance: Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations. Boulder, Colorado.: Paladin Press, 1979.