How to Defuse a Pro-Abortionist’s Arguments


defense-of-life-220x120 How to Defuse a Pro-Abortionist’s Arguments  In the past, I have engaged a number of people who are pro-abortion. When I defend my pro-life stance, I’ve always turned to Scripture and the sanctity of life that it teaches. As a result, the encounter generally does little change either of our options. I’m not saying it’s wrong to turn to Scripture, but when debating with someone who does not share your views of the Bible, your arguments fall on deaf ears.

So how do you effectively engage them in a way that can defuse their arguments?

Scott Klusendorf knows just how to do just that. He is the president of Life Training Institute and travels the United States and Canada teaching others to combat the abortion agenda and arguments. He has debated some of the nation’s most important abortion advocates including Kathryn Kolbert an attorney who argued abortion rights before the United States Supreme Court.

In the audio below, Klusendorf relays an incident that happened on a cross country flight where he got engaged in a defense of the pro-life position. The person expected him to use the typical biblical arguments, but he didn’t. Instead, he asked the guy:

“Do you believe newborns are human beings?

The man replied:

“No, I believe that once it’s born it’s a human being.