Huckabee: Defund UN; Use Money to Help US Veterans

Mike Huckabee suggested, in the aftermath of the United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements, that the United States pull its portion of the international body’s funding.

He said the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars could be better allocated to serve American veterans.

un_small Huckabee: Defund UN; Use Money to Help US Veterans Government

Eric Bolling reported that United States funds account for 22 percent or about $600 million of the UN’s operating budget, while we have spent as much as multiple billions of dollars on peacekeeping and other UN initiatives.


“We should eliminate it,” Huckabee said of the UN’s presence in the federal budget.

We get “zero benefits” and are often “embarrassed by its actions,” he said.

Bolling remarked that the land the UN’s complex sits along First Avenue in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood would be prime real estate for the government to sell.