ICE Chief of Staff Charged With Discrimination and Sexually Harassing Male Employees

Suzanne-Barr ICE Chief of Staff Charged With Discrimination and Sexually Harassing Male Employees

Men, what would you do if your boss was a woman who regularly instructed you and other male employees to sexually satisfy her? Then what would you do if after you regularly deny her advances and lewd behavior that you find yourself being passed over for one promotion after another?

This was only part of the grounds for a sexual discrimination lawsuit filed against the Department of Homeland Security and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief of the New York Office, James Hayes. In the lawsuit, Hayes charges Napolitano with promoting lesser qualified female employees over more qualified male employees, especially when some of the women promoted worked for her during her tenure as governor of Arizona.

In the lawsuit, Hayes reported that his boss, Suzanne Barr, was regularly sexually harassing male employees. Barr is the ICE Chief of Staff who works directly for Director John Morton.

In one reported incident, Barr is accused of humiliating a male employee by calling him at his hotel room and loudly telling him that she wanted to perform oral sex on him. On another occasion, she had all of the office furniture, including computers and name plates, moved into the men’s bathroom. Those male employees that went along with her sexual games were rewarded.

To no real surprise, government attorneys have filed for a dismissal of the case. Additionally, they have asked the court to remove all of the graphic details from the public record, claiming that they are only being used to attack the character of and embarrass high government officials.

Mind you that you and I are paying the six figures salaries of Barr and Napolitano to sexually harass and discriminate against the men working for them and the government attorneys are trying to brush it under the rug and pretend nothing ever happened. If the charges are true, I hope that they both lose their jobs and have to pay restitution to those they wronged and hopefully this will serve as a warning to others.