Idaho’s Governor Signs Legislation Nullifying All Future Federal Gun Control

Ben Marquis, 

 Idaho has joined multiple states that are nullifying and refusing to enforce Federal gun control laws.

The media is avoiding it at all costs, but the nullification movement is growing, and it is one of the best ways for states to fight back against an overreaching federal government.

We told you just a few days ago about how Idaho’s legislature unanimously passed a bill to nullify all future federal gun control laws.

Now Idaho’s Governor has signed the bill into law, which will take effect immediately due to an emergency clause in the law.

gh_small2 Idaho's Governor Signs Legislation Nullifying All Future Federal Gun Control

According to Ben Swann:

On Thursday, Idaho Governor Butch Otter (R) signed a bill, which would effectively nullify future federal gun laws, by prohibiting state enforcement of any future federal act relating to personal firearms, a firearm accessories or ammunition.

S1332 passed the house by a vote of 68-0 and the senate by a vote of 34-0. Alaska and Kansas have also passed similar laws.

The law will help protect the rights of Idaho citizens from being infringed by the federal government by prohibiting all Idaho law enforcement officers and government agents from assisting any and all federal agents or officers from enforcing any executive orders, agency orders, statutes, laws, rules or regulations that take effect after the date this law was signed.

While this law does not necessarily nullify any existing federal gun control laws, it stops the bleeding by preventing new ones from taking effect.  It is hoped that Idaho will now go back and craft legislation to deal with the laws that already exist that infringe on Idahoan’s rights to keep and bear arms.

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