Illegals Spit on America, Should United States Senators be Held for Treason? and Barry Soretoro?

by Mark Schumacher

 This weekend our American national patriots protested on sacred grounds that were built from the blood, sweat and tears by Americans that gave everything to support the United States government wars around the world. Over 50 years of death, destruction while tearing the veterans’ lives away from the white picket fence, to fight and unfortunately at times die. Hundreds of thousands maimed in combat, worse yet, many paralyzed from the neck down. Many families torn apart, fighting for the American national dream of a free republic, free of any cancer flooding across our borders.

illegals_small Illegals Spit on America, Should United States Senators be Held for Treason? and Barry Soretoro?

Five days ago, the undocumented enemies of our state, were allowed to negate any progress these American national warriors achieved over these 50 or so years, allowed to deface and spit on these warriors. They were allowed to protest against so called undocumented rights they think they have, using our sacred memorial.  

In 1776, blood was spilled to fight off the offshore enemy, while defining our countries borders. Those borders eventually grew, and a country strong enough to hold her own was born, eventually becoming the strongest in the world. It was a proud sequence of events, giving the American national warriors confidence in building a happy life for himself and his American national brothers. They fought to keep freedom and security within American borders, while keeping the enemy out!

These wars were not fought for to allow for enemies of the state to flood across our borders illegally, wiping everything out these warriors fought for. There was eventually a constitution put in place to protect the Republic from such scourge, as this would infect everything good about the American way of life. The people elected leaders to protect the republic from this, putting trust in their sacred oath of office.

Years later, war memorials were built to remind us of what has been fought for. Blood was spilled, families torn apart, people were devastated from injury. This is their memorial, the American nation memorial to remind all what was fought for; freedom from scourge outside of our borders. These memorials are sacred ground to the Americans. Not meant to be scarred by the putrid stink of foreign enemies, much less led by, and supported by, United States Senators, people that were given the trust to protect from such garbage.

I call on all American Nationals to raise the bar and have the traitorous Senators who showed support to the illegal, undocumented cancer that were allowed to protest on sacred ground five days ago removed from office and proceedings started for treason.

The war memorial was illegally closed by Barry Soretoro to the veterans who the memorial was initially built to salute, and given free rein to the illegal aliens who have ruined our country. Eight senators were eventually arrested, holding each other arms while abiding the enemy, supporting this garbage. All must be held accountable for treason starting immediately.

“Representatives Joseph Crowley and Charlie Rangle of New York, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Al Green of Texas, Luis V. Gutierrez and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, Raul M. Grijalva of Arizona and John Lewis of Georgia. More than 150 other protesters, many from labor unions and immigrant organizations, were also arrested after they sat down and linked arms in the same street”

The traitor from California, Nancy Pelosi also showed support, calling it a first amendment right to protest, a traitor to the core, and a cancerous growing within American leadership.

God bless the republic of the United States and may God have mercy on the traitors within.