Imagine That: Democrat AG Won’t Prosecute Dems Guilty Of Bribery

Kathleen G. Kane, Pennsylvania’s recently elected Attorney General, has decided to not file charges against 5 individuals accused of taking bribes in a sting operation begun in 2011. Tyron B. Ali, a lobyist, confidential informant, and criminal himself agreed in a plea deal to wear a wire as he offered money to members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

 By the time the sting had ended, 4 Philadelphia politicians and former Traffic Court Judge Thomasine Tynes had taken up to $7,000 each for the sale of their political services, for example, by “voting against a bill that would require voters to show identification at the polls.” Some 400 hours of audio and videotape had been obtained by the time Kane began shutting down the operation.

DemDonkey_small2 Imagine That: Democrat AG Won't Prosecute Dems Guilty Of Bribery

At a special news conference held on March 17th, Kane admitted that “…she believed leading Philadelphia Democrats ensnared in an undercover sting operation committed crimes.” So why did she shut down the sting operation? Why did she refuse to file charges?

“While saying public corruption made her ‘sick,’ Kane said the sting was flawed and tainted by racism and could not have led to successful prosecutions.” Kane also maintained that the investigation “…was poorly managed and badly executed, and relied on an undercover operative whose credibility had been compromised.”

How was the undercover sting tainted by RACISM? The 4 members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives were all black, as was Judge Thomasine Tynes. Obviously, this could not happen except as a result of racism.

According to Kane, an agent who accompanied confidential informant Ali during the operation claimed higher-ups in the prosecutor’s office told Ali to concentrate only on blacks. Whites who agreed to accept bribes should not be charged. Kane claims she has documentation “…to support her assertion that racism marred the sting, but [is] examining whether she [can] release it.”

Kane also claims that “two other law enforcement agencies, including unnamed federal authorities, had reviewed the case and determined it was flawed and not suited for prosecution.” But just as she has refused to release her evidence that racism “marred the sting,” the attorney general has “declined to identify the officials who made such a determination or to say which agency was involved.”

By the way, did I mention that Kathleen Kane is also a Democrat? Not that her party affiliation had anything to do with her decision to file no charges against 5 fellow Democrats she has already admitted were guilty of having “committed crimes.”

The heat on Kane for her refusal to prosecute has been so intense that she was forced to hold a special news conference in which she might answer for her decision.

Clearly, Kathleen Kane is someone with ALL of the qualifications to really go places in the Democrat Party. Don’t be surprised if she soon rises to stardom in the Regime’s Department of “Justice.”