Immigrants See America’s Fading Future While Liberals Go Blindly Forward


051712Socialism-220x120 Immigrants See America’s Fading Future While Liberals Go Blindly Forward  It’s possible even for smart people sometimes to be too close to a problem to see it bearing down on them.

Sort of like when you’re looking for your glasses then suddenly realize you’re wearing them. (Admit it, you’ve done that, too.)

But usually at some point there comes the light bulb, recognition of what’s really going on, and you change course accordingly.

For some reason, though, none of that seems to apply to liberals who, no matter how many times history repeats itself, just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the notion that socialism/communism doesn’t lead to utopia.

And those are the aware liberals. There are millions of completely delusional ones who are in denial that communism is where Democratic Party leaders want to take this country.

Conservatives have seen it for years and been labeled fringe lunatics for their troubles. What I think is most damning, however, is that legal immigrants who have actually lived in tyrannical countries can see the changes for the worse in America that liberals deny.

I recall an elderly Japanese couple I met in a rally for Israel a few years ago. They were so proud to be American citizens now, but they recounted what it had been like to live in Imperial Japan, and they told me with tears welling in their eyes how sad it made them to see so many of the changes and actions President Obama brought were like what they had lived through under Hirohito in WWII.

I’ve met survivors of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union who have said the same thing, that Obama is moving our republic toward a socialist tyranny.

This past weekend, I got to hear a presentation by Irene Szucs, a Los Angeles restaurant manager who grew up in Hungary under the Soviet regime. She spoke about how when she was a child and her parents would listen to the BBC on the radio or criticize the government, they would always close the window shades and speak in whispers.

The walls have ears, she was told. As a child, Szucs said, she would search the family’s home looking for these “ears,