Incomes Down More During Obama ‘Recovery’ Than During Recession


“But the economy is rebounding, things are looking up, we’ve created so many jobs. …”

We’ve been hearing the propaganda from the Administration for the past five years now about how the country’s coming back.

Or alternately, whenever Obama can’t completely weasel out of the facts, which is increasingly the case, then it’s all President Bush’s fault.

EconomicRecovery_small Incomes Down More During Obama 'Recovery' Than During Recession

But as the media and White House have consistently tried to blow sunshine in our faces, backing up their phony recovery with massaged numbers and doctored reports, the average person has felt reality impinging on the edges of the pretty pictures as gas prices have settled at two to three times their level under most of Bush’s term, food prices have risen steadily, utilities have become more costly, taxes have increased bit by bit and hours have been cut back.

That reality is spelled out in the declining income of the American family.

New estimates derived by Sentier Research from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey show that the typical American household’s income has dropped more than twice as much during the years of President Obama’s “recovery” as it did during the years of the official recession.

The figures show that in inflation-adjusted dollars, real median household income fell 1.8 percent during the recession and has fallen 4.4 percent during the recovery.

That means that during the recession, which officially ended in June 2009, families lost $1,002 (from $55,480 to $54,478) of income. Since the end of the recession, families have lost $2,380 (from $54,478 to $52,098).

The new income figures include government payouts, such as unemployment and cash aid to needy families. That shows that the Democrats’ preferred method of stimulus — increasing the costs of government and dribbling some of the money out to the public — is not working.

Logic would have revealed that to anyone who thought more than two seconds about economic models, but for liberals, here’s the pudding, proof and all.

The people behind the economic policies that continue to crush American families are supposed to be educated people. They should understand that their dogmatic economic approaches won’t work.

That leads once again to the conclusion many of us reached long ago that this is being done on purpose.

It also leads to the sensible conclusion that it is not in anyone’s interest to continue to endure this Administration’s wanton destruction of our economy and way of life.