Indiana Get Out the Vote Tuesday May 3rd #TrumpTrain

Indiana May Signal Trump Can’t Be Stopped.

A victory for Donald Trump in Indiana tomorrow may kill Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s hopes of stopping him from clinching the GOP nomination outright.

  • After initial surveys depicted a neck-and-neck battle between Trump and Cruz in the state’s GOP primary, more recent ones have shown the businessman pulling away, perhaps buoyed by momentum from big wins in the Northeast and missteps by his rivals
  • NBC/WSJ poll released yesterday showed Trump with a 15-point lead over Cruz in Ind., with Kasich a distant third
  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that if poll is right, “then Trump is the nominee and Republicans should start focusing on how to beat Clinton,” according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Ind.’s “winner-take-most” model means the statewide winner gets 30 delegates, while 3 delegates are allotted to the winner in each of 9 congressional districts

trumpfanselfie_small Indiana Get Out the Vote Tuesday May 3rd #TrumpTrain

  • Washington Post crunched the numbers, and says that if Trump wins Ind., he’ll need to win about half of the delegates still at stake to secure the nomination

For the Democrats, the NBC/WSJ poll put both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders virtually tied in Ind.

  • State doesn’t require party registration to vote in a primary
  • Sanders has tended to perform well in states with open primaries

    New York Times reports that Cruz’s support among delegates may be receding

    • Could threaten his ability to secure nomination if convention is contested

    Cruz had some success in delegate-gathering over the weekend:

    • Cruz won 10 of 13 delegates being picked in Va.
    • He took 18 or 24 delegates in Mo.
    • Still, these delegates are bound to support Trump on the 1st ballot, as he won both primary contests