Ingraham: Establishment Casts Aside Working Americans

Brendan Kirby,

Blasts political and media elites for their characterizations of forsaken voters.

Establishment Republicans refuse to compromise on the issues of trade and immigration, preferring instead to ridicule working-class Americans as “meth-heads, horrible fathers, angry, stupid crackers,” LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said Tuesday.

Speaking on her radio show, Ingraham said it was an “interesting way of trying to cultivate your base and grow your base,” pointing to disparaging characterizations of ordinary people made on the pages of Establishment media outlets like the National Review.

“That’s how they’re painted in the pages of conservative media outlets,” she said.

Ingraham said residents of hard-hit communities in the country’s industrial heartland hear from certain conservative leaders they should move and find better jobs, rather than a plan to rebuild the industries that once employed their parents.

“When it was obvious we needed to re-examine these policies … the politicians and their big-donor base said said, ‘We aren’t changing our views on these global trade deals; we aren’t changing our views on the deindustrialization,’” she said. “‘We’re not changing our views on bringing in more of these so-called H-1B visa holders or more foreign workers or bringing in the families or allowing the borders to be porous. We’re not changing our views on any of that, because for us, the status quo works quite well.’”

cruzmitch_small1 Ingraham: Establishment Casts Aside Working Americans

Many of those donors are contributing large sums of money to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and anti-Donald Trump Super PACs, Ingraham noted.

“We are simply never going to reevaluate globalization, we are not going to cry one tear over the deindustrialization of upstate New York or western Pennsylvania, or the fact that we’ve lost so much of our dominance in major industries, such as the steel industry,” she said. “In the South, in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, what we’ve seen, of course, in Pennsylvania, where these companies are shells of their former selves because of all this great government policy that was opening the world to all our of our products.”