Insanity: The Guards Hired to “Protect

Britney Logan, 

 A chilling piece of information was revealed in the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Benghazi.

We know that Hillary Clinton cut security just weeks before our embassy in Benghazi was attacked, leading to the murders of four Americans. The group she hired to replace them? A known affiliate to al Qaeda… who we now know attacked the embassy before. 

According to the Senate’s 88-page report which said the Benghazi murders were “preventable,” the Benghazi consulate “had been vandalized and attacked in the months prior to the September 11-12 attacks by some of the same guards who were there to protect it.”

hillaryevil2_small Insanity: The Guards Hired to “Protect

The recently released Senate report on the Benghazi attack reveals that the Islamic militia hired to protect the fated U.S. special mission had “vandalized” and “attacked” the mission in the months prior to Sept. 11, 2012.

The new detail raises the question of why the State Department, headed at the time by Hillary Clinton, would continue to employ the 17th of February Martyrs Brigade, an al-Qaida-linked organization, to provide external security to the U.S. facility. […]

That piece of information was not mentioned in the State Department-sanctioned Accountability Review Board, or ARB, investigating the attack.

According to the Senate’s report, “there were three armed members of the Libyan 17th February Brigade militia” working as “security” for the Benghazi mission and that when “the security team asked 17th February Brigade members to ‘provide cover’ for them to advance to the gate of the Temporary Mission Facility with gun trucks,” the report says. “The February Brigade members refused, saying they preferred to negotiate with the attackers instead.”

In other words, the members of the security team who belonged to this group actively refused to do what they were hired to do: protect the embassy.

WND continues:

“Eventually,” states the report, “the security team initiated their plan of assault on the mission compound. Some members of the 17th February Brigade ‘jump[ed] into the vehicle’ and ‘a few 17 Feb members follow[ed] behind on foot to support the team’ according to the informal CIA notes provided to the Committee.”

The Senate picture of 17th of February Brigade members refusing to “provide cover” contrasts sharply with the image of the brigade painted in the State Department’s ARB.

Here is just more proof that Hillary Clinton is a despicable liar. Her State Department released a report trying to cover up yet another aspect of Benghazi: the men she put in place of the security she cut attacked Benghazi before and during the September 11 attack, they turned their cheek. 

These revelations prove at least three things:

  1.  There needs to be a full, independent investigation of Benghazi — immediately;
  2. Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her actions surrounding the terrorist attacks; and
  3. Hillary Clinton should never be president.

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