Is Georgia Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions?

Recent visitors to the Republic of Georgia say they saw roads packed with trucks transporting Iranian oil. When they asked multiple Georgians about the traffic, they were told that the Iranians are transshipping sanctioned oil through the Caucasus and then loading it onto ships in the Black Sea in order to conceal its identity. The Georgian government, for its part, appears perfectly happy to collect transit fees for the oil.

imagescas806h2_thumb Is Georgia Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions?

Georgia is an American ally. While it has the misfortune to border Russia, its president Mikheil Saakashvili has worked hard to reorient the country into the West. Georgia has stamped out once rampant corruption. Saakashvili has ordered all road signs to be bilingual, in Georgian and English, a symbolic move in a country where most citizens also speak Russian and one designed to wrest Georgia from the Soviet orbit.

Alas, true to the Obama doctrine of turning a cold shoulder to allies while genuflecting toward adversaries, Obama has had little time for Georgia, even referring to the tiny country as “Russia