Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

 Islamophobes arrest two devout Muslim clerics for spreading Mohammed’s message to behead kuffars Police have obtained recordings of violent sermons delivered during Friday prayers at Masjid Shuhadaa in Majengo.

The sermons are in protest over the death of Sheikh Abubakar Shariff alias Makaburi. Makaburi was shot dead in Mombasa town last Tuesday evening. Mombasa county police boss Robert Kitur said detectives are analysing the contents of messages given to Muslim worshippers.

 He said the messages urged worshippers to “cleanse Mombasa of infidels”. Speaking to the Star yesterday, Kitur said they are profiling the speaker and Imam from the mosque. Police said the two are among “radical” preachers that said worshipers should “prepare to revenge” Makaburi’s death. Kitur said the message directed muslims to be-head the kufars (non-muslims) in the neighbourhood. Kenya must be a very culturally insensitive place.

rop-pattani_small Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace

“Mohammed is God’s apostle.  Those who follow him are harsh
 to the unbelievers but merciful to one another”
  Quran 48:29

2014.04.07 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) – Fifteen civilians are disassembled by a Religion of Peace roadside bomb.
2014.04.07 (Sidon, Lebanon) – Members of Ansar Allah storm a rival group’s office and kill eight.
2014.04.06 (Tikrit, Iraq) – Three Iraqis are incinerated by a suicide bomber in a fuel tanker.
2014.04.06 (Latifiyah, Iraq) – Six men are kidnapped from their homes and summarily executed by activists promoting an Islamic state.
2014.04.05 (Buni Gari, Nigeria) – At least twenty people at a rival mosque are machine-gunned by Islamists shouting praises to Allah.
2014.04.03 (Yandi, Chechnya) – Four Russians are killed by an Islamist bomb.

* Sources for individual incidents can be provided upon request.

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Articles & Commentary

LeftNavLine Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace
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Producers carefully scrub a film of references to Islam even though it intertwined in rituals that result in the torture of children.

Ignoring the Plight of Women in the Muslim World  (Globe and Mail)
Western feminists usually avoid advocating on behalf of Muslim women for fear of being labeled ‘racist’.

Taqiyya and Blasphemy Laws in the UK  (FrontPage Magazine)
“In British law, race and religion are increasingly becoming deliberately confused for the purpose of accusing critics of Islam of racism.”

Pakistan a State Sponsor of Terrorism  (Gatestone)
The highly Islamic state of Pakistan battles one group of terrorists while cultivating others.

Syria is What Happens When Islam Wins  (FrontPage Magazine)
“Islam is a disruptive force that achieves its unity through violence. It’s a supremacist ideology whose final solution is always the sword. Mohammed won his debates by killing his enemies.”

Mainstream Islam Sanctions FGM  (Andrew Bostom)
In Islam, female genital mutilation serves to reduce the desire that a woman has for sex – as if the beatings weren’t enough.

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The latest in a line of Americans transformed by the Religion of Peace from soldier to wannabe killers of fellow Americans offers a few lessons.

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“The EU still talks the good talk, but the pattern of its actual policies is something quite different.”

CAIR’s Jihad Against Honor Diaries  (Andrew C. McCarthy)
CAIR finds itself on the wrong side of history – and humanity.

California Honor Killing  (Creeping Sharia)
The case of Kassim Alhimidi was a royal embarrassment for CAIR, which went in deep over a Hate Crime Hoax that turned out to be an old-fashioned Islamic honor killing.

Milking Egypts Copts Dry  (Jihad Watch)
“Egypt’s Christians are increasingly being seen and treated, in the words of some early caliphs, as ‘milk camels’ to be milked dry of their money and possessions.”

Border Fence Jumping a Human Right?  (Molschky)
Is it really the duty of the Western world to absorb the maladies of the Third World?

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“CAIR” Reacts to Megyn Kelly  (Answering Muslims)
(Video) A little something to offend everyone here perhaps – but we thought it was funny.

Obama’s Mideast Nightmare  (Daniel Greenfield)
“While Bush only overthrew Saddam, Obama overthrew Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi and Saleh. The difference lay not only in the scale of their respective regime change operations, but in their relative impacts on regional stability.”

Quitting Smoking is Jihad?  (Islam Watch)
Creative interpretations of Jihad are mostly contemporary. In actual Islamic teachings it is Holy War and the snatching and living on non-Muslims hard earnings.

UK: Our New Sharia Law  (Gatestone)
A little bit of Sharia is like a little bit of cancer.

Christian Woman Killed in Egypt  (FrontPage Magazine)
“What if Christians were especially violent to non-Christian minorities on Sunday – right after they got out of church? What would that say about what goes on in Christian churches?”

The Mainstream Muslim Guide to Holy War  (Clarion)
(Corrected link) A training guide produced by the Islamic Circle of North America in Chicago demolishes the group’s pretenses that its moderate.