Ithaca woman gets 47 stitches on her face after black on white mob attack

 Stephanie Fenner has intimate photographs of herself and a black boyfriend online. Two new photographs of her injuries, one of them very graphic, have also appeared online.

 wide-open_small Ithaca woman gets 47 stitches on her face after black on white mob attack  Here is what we know.

 Stephanie says she was attacked by five girls early Sunday morning. An Ithaca resident, close to Stephanie, posted pictures of her injuries and a second picture of her immediately after getting stitches. He said Stephanie was attacked by black females as she walked out of the bar. He characterized the attack as a “knockout game” style assault, which is a euphemism for a racially motivated hate crime.

The US census lists Ithaca as only 7% black. Yet the attackers were black women. They deliberately disfigured her face. This suggests a specific kind of hatred. When you consider that Stephanie has a black boyfriend, the circumstantial evidence suggests that the attack was motivated by racial jealousy and hatred.

Update 1: On January 1st, the Ithaca police sent a press release to the media asking for witnesses. The release was reported by two local media outlets. However, there is virtually no information other than to say a “a female victim sustained a large laceration on her face.” The media release says suspects were only detained but not arrested yet.

Update 2: After tiny blurps were posted on Ithaca news websites, the victim identified herself online as Stephanie Fenner. She says she was attacked by five female perps, but claims their race is irrelevant. She says she disputes that she was attacked because she is white. She simply says that “multiple fights” were going on at the time. When asked what motivated the five perps to attack and horrifically maim her, she simply said “none of your business.”

Imagine if a black female pedestrian was attacked at random by a mob of white females and had her face sliced open. It would be the biggest news story in America.

white_victim_small Ithaca woman gets 47 stitches on her face after black on white mob attack

Except in this case, the victim is white, the perpetrators are black, and it was completely censored.

A friend of the victim posted pictures on There is another photo that shows the skin on the woman’s face hanging wide open.

The attack took place last Sunday morning, December 29th, after the unnamed victim left Moonies Bar and nightclub in Ithaca, New York. The source for the photographs says that there have been other “knockout game” style attacks in Ithaca and that this is not an isolated event.

The source for the photographs said that police arrested four black female suspects.