It’s Trump vs. Hillary. Get ready America for an epic edition of ‘Survivor’ 2016


Game over!

The fight has been stopped and all of Trump’s challengers have been eliminated. Kasich is out on his feet but he just doesn’t know it.

In this corner representing the Republican Party is Donald Trump!

Trump is the guy whom the “wise men” said earlier wasn’t going to run, wouldn’t file his financial disclosure forms and couldn’t survive close scrutiny of his version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

He certainly couldn’t survive a drawn-out campaign or a brokered convention.

And having insulted every past nominee of his party and just about every elected Republican, there was no way he could put it together and unify the party.

presidential-election-2016_small1 It's Trump vs. Hillary. Get ready America for an epic edition of 'Survivor' 2016


Nobody loved Trump but the voters. And they couldn’t get enough of him in debates or the thousands of appearances he made on cable or network television.

Now, after the results Tuesday night in Indiana, with Ted Cruz suspending his campaign, Trump has won and gets to remake the Republican Party in his own image.

That’s the facts, folks. The convention is now his show. The platform is now for him to write. The rest of the establishment can “kiss his ring” or his “rear” and he doesn’t care.

All that’s left for him to conquer is the presumed Democratic nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton who is struggling with a 73-year-old socialist senator who has bit into her leg like a Doberman and won’t let go.

Bernie is winning in enough places to show Hillary’s weakness as a candidate — as he did again Tuesday night with in his unexpected victory in Indiana — and he is being cheered on by millions of young voters who are crucial to the Democratic coalition.

I assume Hillary will survive the challenge from Sanders and the battle cry of “let’s get ready to rumble!” will begin in earnest long before the fall campaign.

And make no mistake, it will be a battle royal.

Hillary will have generations of political operatives in her corners, trying to move up the food chain to a coveted West Wing office. She will have unlimited funds to spend, and a very talented politician in her corner, her hubby, Big Bill Clinton, the bad boy of politics, but still the most gifted strategist of my generation.

What she won’t have is an honest reputation, dogged by thirty years of falsehoods, or a record of accomplishments to run on.

Trump, we know, is tough, media savvy, loves to fight and has a real killer instinct. Just ask the heavy duty players lying by the roadside, who were KOed early in battle.

Still, after saying all that both sides now have some major adjustments to make.

Trump has to get more money in his war chest or start selling hotels and golf courses if he wants to continue to self-fund his presidential campaign. That’s not likely.

Trump, who is smart, tough, and articulate, needs to add more substance to his repertoire to sustain a long campaign with multiple debates.

He needs to some experienced policy advisers. They are there and he will find them.

He needs surrogates, to carry his message and donors to fund his efforts. They are out there and want to give.

Hillary needs first and foremost not to be indicted. That’s not likely she will be but she still carries a lot of lagging baggage to take into a fall campaign with lots of unhappy voters on both sides.

This has already been a campaign for the ages, and every rule and every expectation has been altered.

It really will be a fight to the finish.

In one corner there will be Hillary representing
more big government/socialism, paid for by the few, and in the other corner there will be Trump representing the free market, growing, prospering and being proud and strong again!

Even though Trump’s long running celebrity show was called “The Apprentice” there are no rookies in this match. “Survivor” may be a better title.

And just remember, the winner gets to lead the free world.