Ivanka Trump Campaigns in Critical Battleground North Carolina

Jen Lawrence & Dustin Stockton,

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina–Ivanka Trump made three campaign stops in North Carolina on Wednesday as both the Trump and Hillary campaigns focus in on the Tar Heel state in the final days before the election.

A successful business woman, mother, and star, Ivanka has become one of her father’s most effective surrogates, especially with women. Ivanka spent several hours listening to the concerns of voters and touted her father’s education and economic policies during a whirlwind tour around the state. Her father will hold two rallies in North Carolina on Thursday as several polls show Trump recapturing the lead in this critical battleground state.

An overflow crowd greeted Ivanka during her first stop at the Mecklenburg County GOP Headquarters in Charlotte. The crowd erupted in cheers as the motorcade arrived, and Ivanka spent extra time greeting dozens of people who couldn’t fit into the office. She then went into the office and expressed her gratitude and encouragement to the campaign volunteers and staff.

Less than an hour after the first stop, Ivanka stopped at the Union County GOP Headquarters in Indian Trail, where she was greeted by hundreds of enthusiastic fans.

The final stop on the campaign swing for Trump’s daughter was at the Concord Children’s Academy. Ivanka toured the facility before sitting down with several parents, faculty, and educators for a roundtable discussion.

Concord Children’s Academy Owner Kyshia Lineberger proudly showed Ivanka the classrooms and facilities.

ivankatrumpontrail_small Ivanka Trump Campaigns in Critical Battleground North Carolina Election

After touring the facility Ivanka sat down for a wide-ranging roundtable discussion that covered trade policy, student debt, healthcare, childcare, education, and local concerns.

One exchange between Ivanka and Allycia Brown — who is an admissions coordinator at a local Christian school — focused on parental rights and led Ivanka to denounce “top-down, one-size-fits-all solutions.”

After the roundtable, Brown spoke with Breitbart News and was clearly impressed with Ivanka and distrustful of the portrayal of the Trump family in the media.

I thought the roundtable was very insightful. I thought there were a lot of opinions represented, lots of thoughts and interest that really span the entire Charlotte community, no matter which area town you represent. I thought Ivanka Trump did a wonderful job in really sharing the platform, her mission, as we move forward throughout the election. There are things I learned from a personal standpoint, breaking down barriers. We have to dive in and listen to a person verses getting caught up in all the media that is put out there for TV. You really have to do your research. You really have to do your research. You have to understand the position of the political candidate.

After a quick interview with local news and a group picture, it was off to the next state to campaign for her father. Ivanka also campaigned in Michigan Wednesday and is in New Hampshire Thursday.