J. Jakubowski manhunt: Fugitive writes letter threatening violence on Easter Sunday

Authorities in Wisconsin were investigating a written threat against churches by an individual purporting to be Joseph Jakubowski, who police have been searching for since April 4.

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday they were actively investigating the threat that was directed at churches in the Sussex area, according to Fox 6 Milwaukee.

The letter threatened violence on Easter Sunday.

“We received a letter from an individual purporting to be Joseph Jakubowski,” Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Phillip Carini said.

fugitive_small J. Jakubowski manhunt: Fugitive writes letter threatening violence on Easter Sunday Headlines

Authorities have not been have not been able to determine whether the author of the letter is Jakubowski. It is being forwarded for further analysis, according to the station.

Waukesha authorities have stepped up security around churches in Sussex and are working with them to review safety plans for Easter Sunday. Investigators are also working with local officials, church leaders and federal, state and local law enforcement officers in the case.

Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker canceled his annual Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for Saturday because over safety concerns while authorities search for Jakubowski.

A statement from Walker and first lady Tonette Walker says the couple is “sad to miss one of our favorite events.”

Scores of police have been searching for Jakubowski, who is suspected of robbing a gun store in Janesville and sending an anti-government manifesto to President Trump.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • DrArtaud

    Goodness, if this keeps happening, it’ll upstage the daily cacophony of the term anti-Semitic and could possibly result in the use of the term anti-Christian, go figure. Nah, the media will adopt the term pro-other-religion to describe this idiot’s hatred of Christians.

    Of course, the authorities rightfully claim that this disturbed individual may have altered his appearance, I hope they realize that the area he said he may attack may equally be a ruse. Nothing like concentrating effort on one area only to miss his involvement in another.

    The frightening thing is the idiocy of the left and liberals, they’ll actually derive satisfaction if this idiot succeeds in committing violence, after all, Christians largely oppose homosexual marriage and abortion. I’m not really familiar with Jewish views on those topics, though the barbaric form of late term abortions are compliant with their beliefs, kill the baby before the head breaches, hey, it’s not a human being because it was not born. Indeed convoluted logic, but it has the ability to make everyone happy, it’s so vague and varied that I can see why fanatics would not see Jews as a reason to focus hatred on – on the issue of abortion.

    …..Immanuel Jakobovits writes in Jewish Medical Ethics: “In Jewish law, the right to destroy a human fruit before birth is entirely unrelated to theological considerations. Neither the question of the entry of the soul before birth nor the claim to salvation after death have any practical bearing on the subject.” Although halakhic regulations works strenuously to protect the unborn child, he says that “none of these regulations necessarily prove that the foetus enjoys human inviolability.” In contrast to the neo-Platonic and Christian approach, moreover, Talmudic thought does not “make any legal distinction between formed and unformed foetuses,” after the 40th day. Feldman, likewise, is emphatically comparative, saying: “… while Christianity’s position on abortion has raised the moral level of western civilization in this regard and has succeeded in sensitizing humanity to a greater reverence for life, it is obviously comprised, at the same time, of theological postulates which the Jewish community can not share.” Feldman also points out that Talmudic debate over whether the soul achieves immortality upon conception, or at a far later stage, has little bearing on halakhic protections for the fetus because, absent a doctrine of original sin, “abortion would not interfere with the immortal rights or destiny of the foetus.”

    From the movie “Conspiracy” is the following: “I studied law, it made me distrustful of language.” After reading the above quoted section, I tend to agree.

    But despite appearances of the absoluteness of Christian doctrine, abortion has flourished in this largely Christian society, as has homosexuality and homosexual marriage. And with homosexuals, they are actually overrunning both the Protestant and Catholic religion.

    For example, Michael Voris of Church Militant, a former homosexual, has returned to the strict foundations of Catholicism and outs priests, bishops, and cardinals living a life of active homosexuality, says, on his show (Video) The Vortex — That Half of Priests and Bishops are Gay

    My wife and I, a few years ago, listening to EWTN (a Catholic broadcaster) on Shortwave, were thunderstruck when a guest priest on their show, concluded that it was probably impossible to stop priests from engaging in heterosexual (sic) relations on the side.

    My point is that the media is driving hatred of Christians when in fact the things the media hated them for are largely no longer in place. Worse still, the media pushes this sensitivity to muslim BS, and muslims ARE throwing homosexuals from buildings, raping women not dressed as tents, and running over innocent people because of their zealous dedication to allah and a desire to kill infidels. How this deranged individual came to pick Christian churches to commit acts of violence is well beyond me.