Joe Biden threatens to impeach the President

It may seem shocking to hear Vice President Joe Biden threatening to begin impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama, but Biden is clearly a man of principle.  As you’ll hear him explain about five and a half minutes into this clip, he assembled a team of Constitutional scholars to buttress his own experience with teaching classes about the separation of powers in the United States government.  He knows the threat of impeachment is extremely serious, which is why he doesn’t make it lightly.

 Joe Biden threatens to impeach the President

This is an absolutely stunning development.  I can only assume that Biden’s determination to enforce the lawful Constitutional separation of powers will give President Obama pause as he prepares to unilaterally…

Oh, wait, sorry.  This clip’s from 2007, and two-fisted Constitutional scholar Joe Biden was talking about impeaching George Bush to stop him from attacking Iran to halt its nuclear program.  Everything’s different now, because we have Barack Obama as President, some “red lines” are redder than others, and we don’t have a Constitution any more.


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