John Kasich: I’d Make The Monday After The Super Bowl a Holiday

Christine Rousselle,

Presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, said that the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday should be a holiday.

“It should be, I mean there’s no productivity whatsoever. […] Maybe I can get that done in the first hundred days.”

kasichgay John Kasich: I'd Make The Monday After The Super Bowl a Holiday

At least one website was prompted by this announcement to question their support for Donald Trump:

John Kasich Thinks The Monday After The Super Bowl Should Be A National Holiday, So Why Are We Voting For Trump?

Personally, I agree with Kasich. Everyone is up late watching the Super Bowl, and it’s one of few things that all Americans–regardless of political beliefs, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.–regularly enjoy watching each year. Why not make it a holiday?