John Kerry: Secretary of Climate Change

 American foreign policy is falling apart. Like a Midas touch in reverse, anywhere the Obama administration dips a toe seems to crumble shortly after. So by that standard, maybe it’s a good thing that the State Department is turning into the Climate Department, as Secretary of State John Kerry continues his quest to destroy capitalism and stop the planet from apparently any changes in climate.

(How they try to differentiate when climate is changing because of nature or humans is always entertaining.) When in such a position as Kerry, it’s always key to mock anyone who disagrees with you: “The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand. We don’t have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society.” We also didn’t have “time” to wait for Obamacare, and that’s worked out great, too!

johnkerry_small2 John Kerry: Secretary of Climate Change

The matter-of-fact stance of climate change enthusiasts is obnoxious given that 1) they refuse debate on the matter; 2) they hide data and evidence 3) their predictions are always wrong; they move the goal posts when they are wrong; 4) they find “new” proof for why they were wrong but are still right by using the same data that they used to wrongly predict what they were predicting that wound up being wrong; 5) their emails get revealed that they purposely hide email disproving their “facts” 6) they are obnoxious.

Is human contribution to changing climate patterns a miniscule factor, or a major one? Are humans single-handily capable of bringing on an ice age by over-powering nature? The mostly one-sided and “research” funded debate goes on (pro tip: if you are one who wants to score some research money, make sure to be a climate change enthusiast), but here are 6 reasons why some of us our skeptical about the human impact on climate change.