Latinos For Trump is a grassroots effort of proud American Latinos united and connected together through patriotism and our love for America.  We share the republican political values to achieve the American Dream.

We are empowered to bring about change in the status quo narrative of Latino society and voice our concerns of Illegal immigration.

The leadership that Trump has demonstrated, along with our spirit of American Exceptionalism, has given us  strength to unite.

American Mexican For Trump – By @AmericanMex067

The origins of my family coming to the United States began when my aunt married an American, and through this connection my mom came to this country. When her visa expired, they instructed her to return to Mexico where she would obtain the administrative process necessary to come back legally. She didn’t last long in Mexico and came back to the US legally, and became a citizen in 1985. My father, became a citizen when he met my mom.

Both my parents worked hard their whole lives, assimilated and did things right. They instilled those values in me today which leads me to call myself a conservative American, who happens to be Latino.

It’s time to change the status quo that has infected America’s now broken and corrupt system, which exploits illegals and the middle class, while benefiting only the elites of this country. Our national security depends on our borders and we MUST secure them. We must deport the illegal criminals, at the very least, and come to a compromise on immigration reform that can appease both sides while fixing this problem that is draining the middle class fiscally. We must fix our economy and stop the senseless irresponsible spending that Republicans and Democrats have burdened our future with. There’s only one man qualified to do so, with a record that vouches to do things right – it’s time to Make America Great Again! These are just a few reasons why #LatinosForTrump stand 100% behind Donald J. Trump and our movement stands for #AmericaFirst.