Juan M. Thompson Came Out of the Left’s Anti-Semitic Swamp

Daniel Greenfield,

Juan M. Thompson, the radical leftist charged with some of the Jewish center bomb threats, may have been a copycat trying to frame an ex-girlfriend, but you don’t terrorize Jewish organizations without anti-Semitism in your system. 

And Thompson’s bigotry stretches back to the anti-Semitic fever swamps of the left. His most notable moment came when he worked for The Intercept, co-founded by terror apologist Glenn Greenwald. The Intercept is a sewer of hatred aimed at the Jewish State.

The Intercept is obsessed with Israel to a deranged degree. Glenn Greenwald had defended Hamas and Hezbollah, genocidal anti-Semitic organizations, saying  that they were dedicated to protecting their citizens against the State of Israel. He complained, “and yet it is criminal in the United States to do anything that is deemed to be material support for Hamas and Hezbollah.”

That same hatred is reflected in Thompson’s Twitter feed. 

Thompson retweeted Max Blumenthal, a Nation man whose anti-Semitism had crossed the line even by the standards of many opponents of Israel. The JCC Jihadist retweeted Blumenthal’s claim that Keith Ellison’s anti-Semitism had been invented by the ADL. This was the second time that an anti-Semitic bigot had cited Blumenthal’s attacks on Jews and the Jewish State.

blumenthal Juan M. Thompson Came Out of the Left's Anti-Semitic Swamp Democratic Party

The left-wing Forward called his book the “I Hate Israel” handbook. His colleague at The Nation said it could have been put out by “The Friends of Hamas Book Club.”

One of Blumenthal’s smears about Israel was picked up by the Neo-Nazi gunman responsible for the Kansas City Jewish community center shootings.

In 2012, Miller enthusiastically posted a link to an interview with Max Blumenthal, a Puffin Foundation fellow for the Nation Institute.  In the interview, Blumenthal told RT, a Russian propaganda channel notorious for promoting extremists, bigots and conspiracists, that Israel was plotting to go after Ron Paul and Obama.

Citing his work for Al-Akhbar, a paper linked to the Hezbollah terrorist organization, Blumenthal claimed that “the media in the United States is terrified of the Israel lobby” and that the Democratic Party’s base was turning on Israel which was “of great concern to the Jewish establishment.”

It was a mild interview by Blumenthal standards, but still of interest to Miller.

“They themselves, are exposing the jewish menace, big time,” Miller wrote at the Vanguard News Network. VNN is one of the internet’s more popular Neo-Nazi forums. Its owner has said, “The thing to be done about [the Jews] is to kill them, exterminate them.”

Thompson had voted for Bernie Sanders, a radical leftist who had used his Jewish ancestry to “Jewash” by providing cover for the anti-Semites of the left to hate Jews and the Jewish State. Sanders had recently called for diverting aid from Israel to Hamas-run Gaza.

This is the swamp that the man who had called in bomb threats to Jewish organizations came out of. It is a left-wing anti-Semitic swamp and it is vital not to let the left evade accountability for it.