Judge Rules Against Obama, Slams His Use of “Secret Law

Obama said his is “the most transparent administration in history,” but we all know that even that is a lie.

His entire administration is based on secrecy – whether they are covering up the murders in Benghazi,  spying on millions of innocent Americans behind closed doors, secretly targeting their political opponents,  or lying about who we are funding and arming. If there is a single thing this administration lacks, it is transparency.

Obama-Lies-Dueling_small11 Judge Rules Against Obama, Slams His Use of “Secret Law

The thing about the truth, however, is that it always comes out sooner or later.

Judge Ellen Huvelle recently concluded that the secret Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development does not fall within the range of executive privilege (despite what the Justice Department thinks) and has ordered the Obama Administration to reveal the documents to the public. She wrote, “here there is no evidence that [the directive] was intended to be, or has been treated as, a confidential presidential communication.”

The Blaze writes:

A federal judge Tuesday ordered the disclosure of a government-wide foreign aid directive President Barack Obama signed in 2010 but wanted to keep hidden from the public, Politico reports. The judge called the scope of the government’s argument for “presidential communications privilege” rather “troubling.”

The Department of Justice has argued that the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development was covered by executive privilege, even though the information is “non-classified” and sends directives to agencies not to the president of the United States.

Judge Huvelle didn’t stop there. She went on to absolutely slam the government’s apparent belief that they are above the law and do not have to answer to anyone:

The government appears to adopt the cavalier attitude that the President should be permitted to convey orders throughout the Executive Branch without public oversight […] — to engage in what is in effect governance by “secret law.” Such a position conflicts with the very purpose of FOIA, for it is “[w]ithout question” that FOIA is “broadly conceived … to permit access to official information long shielded unnecessarily from public view and attempts to create a judicially enforceable public right to secure such information from possibly unwilling official hands.”

She concludes, “the Court rejects the government’s unwarranted expansion of the presidential communications privilege at the expense of the public’s interest in disclosure.” 

The Blaze notes that it is “unclear why the administration has fought to keep the document hidden from the public.” I suppose we will find out soon thanks to Judge Huvelle’s heroic stand against a secretive government, the Obama Administration is now required to reveal the documents by law.

Surely, since this administration is supposedly “the most transparent [one] in history,” Obama will have no problem with that, right?

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