Kaine Is A Career Democratic Party Insider

Insider Kaine Vs. Outsider Sanders

Politico ‘s Edward-Isaac Dovere: “In An Anti-Establishment Year, He’s [Kaine’s] A Career Politician.” “Lining up against Kaine is the boring factor – both that he doesn’t come off as the most interesting person himself, and that at this point, his selection is so widely expected that the announcement wouldn’t excite many in the political world or the political press corps. Being the white guy won’t automatically excite the Obama coalition, and at 58 he’s old enough not to be a young, fresh contrast to Clinton. In an anti-establishment year, he’s a career politician. In a year of Bernie Sanders venting progressive rage against the Democratic Party machine, Kaine’s left of center, but he’s not an identified lefty to the people who care most about that.” (Edward-Isaac Dovere, “Can Tim Kaine Be Hillary Clinton’s Attack Dog?” Politico, 5/17/16)

Since 1994, Kaine Has Served On The Richmond City Council, As Mayor Of Richmond, Lieutenant Governor Of Virginia, Governor Of Virginia, Chairman Of The Democratic National Committee, And As Senator Of Virginia. “He may be prominent on the national stage, but Tim Kaine’s political and personal roots run deep in Richmond. The U.S. senator started in politics in 1994 as a city councilman representing the Ginter Park neighborhood where he still lives – and where he raised three children with wife Anne Holton, Virginia’s secretary of education and daughter of former Gov. A. Linwood Holton Jr. Kaine subsequently served as Richmond mayor before being elected lieutenant governor in 2001 and governor in 2005. A confidant of President Barack Obama and one of the first governors to endorse Obama’s successful run for president in 2008, Kaine was named chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2009. He left that post and a teaching job at the University of Richmond in 2011 after deciding to run for Senate when Jim Webb opted against seeking re-election. Since his Senate election, Kaine has plunged into national and international politics, serving on the influential Armed Services, Foreign Relations and Budget committees.” (Jim Nolan, “Tim Kaine: U.S. Senator Examines Political Powers,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/13/15)

kainenogood_small1 Kaine Is A Career Democratic Party Insider

The Associated Press ‘s Bob Lewis: “When It Comes To Political Campaigns And The Partisan Balance Of Power, Kaine Plays Tackle, Never Two-Hand Touch.” (Bob Lewis, “2 Factors Behind The Va. Road Session Flop,” The Associated Press, 7/12/08)

Kaine’s Spokesman Once Referred To Him As “An Avid Partisan.” “And his press spokesman blithely predicts that each day between now and the Nov. 6 election will include at least one political event. ‘The governor’s an avid partisan. He enjoys that part,’ said Kevin Hall. Stepping out is a high-stakes gamble that could give Kaine a more friendly legislature and, if four Senate seats change hands, Democratic control of the upper chamber.” (Margaret Edds, “Kaine’s High-Stakes Partisan Gamble,” The Virginian-Pilot, 9/23/07)

During Kaine’s Senate Campaign, Political Analyst Stuart Rothenberg Cautioned That Kaine Would Have To Contend With The Fact That “Part Of His Career Has Been As A Party Spokesman At A Time When People Don’t Like Professional Politicians.” “‘For all the talk that Obama was changing the map with the grass-roots organization, that didn’t happen,’ said Stuart Rothenberg, editor of the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report. … For a year, Republicans have been hitting Kaine for his DNC service and his ties to Obama, saying those factors would make it difficult for him to pivot back to his moderate leanings. But there has been little sign in the polls that the criticism has eroded Kaine’s support. Still, Rothenberg cautioned that Kaine has to contend with the fact that ‘part of his career has been as a party spokesman at a time when people don’t like professional politicians.'” (Ben Pershing, “Kaine’s Leadership Of DNC Could Have Repercussions In His Senate Campaign,” The Washington Post , 9/3/12)

In A New York Times Interview After His Election To The Senate, Kaine Said He Was Comfortable With Being A Career Politician. “As he begins his new job in Washington, Mr. Kaine expressed little regret with the path his life has taken. A former Catholic missionary, Mr. Kaine said he was comfortable with being a career politician. ‘I didn’t think I’d be in politics,’ he said. ‘I got mad at my city council one day in 1994, and that was eight races ago. It has been a surprise.'” (Michael D. Shear, “Kaine Says He Is Optimistic About Immigration Overhaul,” The New York Times, 12/11/12)

Sanders Is An Outsider Who Is Still Yet To Formally Register With The Democratic Party

The Washington Post: “Bernie Sanders Had Always Cast Himself As A Socialist Outsider.” (The Washington Post, 2/5/16)

Boston Herald: “Outsider Bernie Sanders Wins Big Over Hillary Clinton” (Boston Herald, 2/10/16)

MSNBC Headline: “Bernie Sanders: The ‘Outsider’ Approach” (MSNBC, 2/11/16)

The Guardian Headline: “The Outsider: How Bernie Sanders Is Winning Over Democratic Voters” (The Guardian, 9/11/15)

New York Observer Headline: “How Bernie Sanders Points The Way For New York’s Outsider Candidates” (New York Observer, 5/26/16)

Sanders Still Lists Himself As An Independent In His Official Congressional Biography. (“Sanders, Bernard, (1941 – ),” Bioguide.Congress.gov, Accessed 7/25/16)

Sanders Vs. Kaine On H-1B Visas

Kaine Co-Sponsored The I-Squared Bill Which Would Nearly Double The Number Of H-1B Visas

Kaine Was The Co-Sponsor the I-Squared Act, Which Would Increase The Cap On H-1B Visas From 65,000 To 115,000. “Kaine has also cosponsored the I-Squared Act (S.169) that would expand visas for trained professionals, many of whom have the skills needed to fill high-demand openings in the technology sector. Currently, the U.S. government allows for a limited number of workers to be sponsored for H-1B employment every year. I-Squared would raise the cap from 65,000 to 115,000 for employees with an advanced degree from a U.S. college or university. It also establishes a national STEM education fund that expands, recruits and trains more teachers in STEM fields and expands opportunities for students to study in those areas.” (Press Release, “Kaine Talks Immigration, Talent Issues At A Technology Company In Reston,” Office Of Senator Tim Kaine , 4/22/13)

Sanders Has Been Adamantly Opposed To Lifting Caps On H-1B Visas, Calling It A “Great Disservice”

Sanders Has Called The Expansion Of H-1B Visa Program “A Great Disservice” To American Workers. “The bottom line is that I feel, very much, that a lot of the initiative behind these guest workers programs, a very large expansion of guest worker programs – H2B visas would go up to as many as 195,000, H1B to as many as 205,000 a year – is coming from large corporations who want cheap labor from abroad. Absolutely, there is a need for foreign labor. I recognize that in agriculture and certain areas in the high tech industry, you need foreign labor. But this is a massive effort to attract cheap labor, a great disservice to American workers.”