Kaine’s Time As Governor Lacked A œSignature Accomplishment

Kaine Received Criticism For Lacking A “Signature” Accomplishment During His Tenure As Governor

Kaine’s Gubernatorial Administration Lacked “A Signature Legislative Accomplishment”

Midway Through Kaine’s Gubernatorial Term, University Of Virginia’s Center For Politics Director Larry Sabato Said That He Would Rate It In “The Bottom Quartile” Of The State’s Most Recent Dozen Governors. “Few nonpartisan observers in Virginia regard Kaine’s tenure in the Governor’s Office as particularly successful. Having known every governor since Albertis Harrison (1962-1966) and having studied the records of the dozen most recent governors, I would characterize Kaine’s term to this point as belonging to the bottom quartile. To be fair, he has a year and a half to go, and sometimes a Virginia governor can make a final push that raises his grade considerably.” (Larry J. Sabato, Op-Ed, “Vice President Tim Kaine?” University Of Virginia’s Center For Politics: Sabato’s Crystal Ball , 7/29/08)

Kaine’s Administration Ultimately Lacked “A Signature Legislative Accomplishment” Comparable To His Predecessor’s Tax Increase Deal. “His administration lacks a signature legislative accomplishment similar to that of his predecessor, Mark R. Warner, who ushered a $1.38 billion tax increase through the General Assembly in 2004. Mr. Kaine’s own multibillion tax package to fund transportation collapsed in 2007. The plan involved regional taxing authorities, which were deemed unconstitutional, and the so-called ‘abuser fees’ on bad drivers, which proved overwhelmingly unpopular.” (“Kaine Defends Urging Tax Hike In Final Budget,” The Washington Times, 12/24/09)

kaine_small-2 Kaine's Time As Governor Lacked A œSignature Accomplishment

According To University Of Richmond Political Science Professor Dan Palazzolo, There Is No Significant Accomplishment That Stands Out From Kaine’s Time As Govenror. “Dan Palazzolo, a political science professor at the University of Richmond, notes that there isn’t anything spectacularly extraordinary that stands out as the significant accomplishment from Kaine’s time as governor, as he had trouble passing major packages with a Republican legislature, and he was serving during the lead-up and the height of the financial crisis.” (Kailani Koenig, “Tim Kaine: A Traditional VP Choice For Clinton In An Unconventional Year,” NBC News, 7/4/16)

  • While Palazzolo Said Kaine Would Receive Praise From Most For His Handling Of The Virginia Tech Shooting, He Said “You’re Not Talking About Any Signature Initiative.” “‘You’re not talking about any signature initiative,’ Palazzolo said. ‘I think he did a job, I think most people would give him very high marks for dealing with the Virginia Tech shooting. He had a very stable mind in that incident.’ That said, Republicans likely won’t be able to dig up any very serious scandals with him, he said. ‘There are no skeletons in his closet. I don’t know if you know about some of these politicians in Virginia. Some have a seedy past. None of that is going to happen with Tim Kaine.'”(Kailani Koenig, “Tim Kaine: A Traditional VP Choice For Clinton In An Unconventional Year,” NBC News , 7/4/16)

Kaine’s 2005 Campaign Agenda Was “Largely Unfulfilled” By The End Of His Term

Kaine Achieved Just One Of The Top Six Campaign Pledges He Made While Running For Governor In 2005. “Of the top six campaign pledges he made while running for governor in 2005, Kaine was able to achieve just one and made a measure of progress on two others, largely because of poor relations with Republican legislators and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” (Anita Kumar, “Kaine Enters U.S. Spotlight, Leaves Incomplete Tasks In Va.” The Washington Post, 1/13/10)