Kerry to Give Award to Soros Activist Aiding Muslim Migration into Slovakia

The Women of Courage award has always been terrible. This time though one of the worst awardees isn’t in the Muslim world, but in Slovakia.

As Director of the Human Rights League (HRL) – Slovakia’s premier NGO providing legal and other assistance to foreigners –attorney Zuzana Stevulova has emerged as the country’s most prominent advocate for refugee and migrant rights. In a country where the majority of asylum applications are rejected, she has won numerous cases at Slovakia’s Supreme Court on behalf of clients in expulsion and asylum proceedings.

Since the start of Europe’s migration crisis, Ms. Stevulova has been a strong and unwavering voice for greater assistance to and compassion for refugees. She has not shied away from criticizing the anti-refugee and anti-Muslim rhetoric of certain politicians and regularly challenges social prejudice and fear by introducing Slovak citizens to refugees who have successfully integrated into Slovak society.

We could just leave it there. That bio is enough of an indictment on its own. But it probably won’t surprise you too much that a certain radical billionaire is behind this.

sorospuppetmaster_small Kerry to Give Award to Soros Activist Aiding Muslim Migration into Slovakia

The Human Rights League plugs right into the Soros network.

Implementing organization: The Human Rights League; activities implemented in close cooperation with these Open Society Foundation Slovakia and Plea for Humanity initiative. Project has been financially supported by Open Society Foundations Think Tank:

There’s a letter to the Islamic Foundation of Slovakia apologizing for how mean the politicians are being to them signed by Zuzana Stevulova and Ján Orlovský of the Open Society Foundation on the HRL site. Overall, Zuzana seems much more interested in Muslims than in refugees in general. So HRL is yet another NGO backed by foreign interests trying to subvert local democratic policy.

The HRL dispatches complaints about Slovakia to the EU and the UN trying to force an undemocratic compliance with undemocratic global institutions over local democratic ones.

Giving Zuzana an award just broadcasts that HRL is a foreign organization dedicated to the aims of the EU and the State Department and George Soros, not those of Slovakia.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.