Knowing different facts of a particular health insurance policy

 From medical bills to surgical costs, a sudden health impediment can lead to not only emotional difficulty but financial too. During difficult times of health emergencies, a health policy is the only way to protect your family from the potential financial crunch. A health insurance manages all your medical outlays in case of an unanticipated sickness/ surgery, and thus significantly reducing the financial burden. Also, it is very important for the customers to recognize the most appropriate health insurance policy at the right time. But, how do you know if your chosen health care insurance is taking care of the needs of your family? You need to be very cautious regarding this matter because at the end of the day no one would like to invest in a policy that is unable to provide the expected perks. 

health-insurance_small Knowing different facts of a particular health insurance policy

Customers have to be sufficiently knowledgeable on ways to acquire maximum benefits from health policies purchased by them. For instance, they must know that along with their standard policy it is also essential for them to buy some value-added products, which will aid augment their benefit of having an insurance policy and cover some of the costs occurred during hospitalization. Nowadays numerous insurance agencies in India give various worth included items, for example, 

  • Home nursing 

  • Ambulance charges 

  • Parent accommodation  

  • Physiotherapy charges 

  • Hospital cash allowance 

  • Children’s education fund 

Apart from knowing about all these benefits, a customer should also know if his regular health insurance policy covers some critical illnesses for which he has a family history. For instance, most of the policies do not cover cancer, and thus the customer should be well-informed about this kind of situation beforehand. 

Customers should also be cautioned on the topic of the medical tests that are required before purchasing a policy because they are based on your age. For instance, if you are above 50 years of age, it is mandatory for you to undergo certain medical tests and submit appropriate test documents while purchasing. Moreover, some tests are mandatory for people with pre-existing diseases.  

 Reading the policy document 

When you plan of buying a health insurance policy, make sure you read the policy document carefully since you must be completely aware of the fixed waiting period for an illness as per your policy. The document would give you details like when your illnesses are covered and when they are excluded. A lucid understanding is required to prevent any possibility of your claim getting rejected.   

In the beginning of policy days, the health insurance policies indicate a free look period of 15 days. In case of any inconsistency in the policy, you may terminate it during this period or else it would be difficult to discontinue it later on. 

 Buying a health insurance policy is a long-term decision and thus it is the liability of all insurance agents to impart the right information and details to all customers so that they are able to take a sensible decision.