Lawmaker: Benghazi investigation is ‘incredibly active’


The House probe into Benghazi is “incredibly active,” according to a congressman involved with the investigation, even though the committee hasn’t sought to put much of its work before the media.

“We determined early on that the best way to get to the bottom of this situation, to determine what really occurred in the run-up to the events with the security situation … and in the post-event statements made by the U.S. government, was to conduct this in a way that got at the facts,” Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo told the Washington Examiner.

“That was our charter,” he said. “I get that it seems quiet, it seems like there’s very little activity from the committee, but I can assure you the committee remains incredibly active. There’s still an awful lot going on.”

A Washington Post report last week suggested that some conservatives were dissatisfied with the committee, which is charged with investigating events that led up to and followed the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi. One watchdog group called it a “secretive” investigation that had not been made public enough.

hillaryhealth_small-2 Lawmaker: Benghazi investigation is 'incredibly active'

The committee’s leaders have engaged in a balancing act since its 2014 formation, battling criticism from Democrats that its work has been too politicized and grumbling from conservatives that it has not been political enough. It has held only four public hearings to date, and though Hillary Clinton’s handling of the situation as secretary of state is relevant to the investigation, she is not meant to be its focus.

Pompeo said the committee was doing fine, and that it would make its findings known when a final report is issued later this year. Then, he said, people would be able to reach their own conclusions based on the final picture of events.

“We’re getting closer to completion,” he said. “We have interviewed dozens and dozens of witnesses that no other committee had previously spoken with. We’ve uncovered tens of thousands of documents that no committee has previously seen.”

“I think our report will reflect that, accomplish the mission we were given, and lay out the facts in Benghazi,” Pompeo said.