Lefties Want to Respect the Military, Unless They Have to Disrespect It

Daniel Greenfield,

The media’s head spinning antics have become a little too much even by its incoherent standards. 

After trying to resume the old “Gold star family” attack on Trump, whose substance is that he doesn’t respect the military, the media pivoted to furiously hurling attacks at General Kelly. Gold star families have impeccable moral authority. Unless they’re Republicans.

A fake news propaganda campaign that began as, “Where’s the respect for the military” came around 180 degrees and turned into, “Damn the generals.”

washington_small Lefties Want to Respect the Military, Unless They Have to Disrespect It Liberals

A cognitive dissonance messaging implosion this bad is truly a work of art.

Let’s not staff a White House with generals ever again – Chicago Tribune

Trump’s America: Lies, damned lies and White House generals – Metro US

Question the generals? Hell, yes | Editorial – Sun Sentinel

Congress should give Trump and his generals their marching orders – Washington Post

The media really needs to think long and hard about this coup it’s pushing. They do realize that there will be generals?

But clearly we need to keep generals out of the White House. There’s absolutely no precedent for generals in the White House except President George Washington, President Jackson, President Harrison, President Taylor, President Hayes, President Garfield, President Pierce, President Grant and President Eisenhower.

We really must do something about the hopeless stupidity, ignorance and malice of our media.