Levin: ‘If Megyn Kelly Is The Future Of Fox, Fox Will Be Dead’

Robert Kraychik,

On his Wednesday radio show, Mark Levin criticized Megyn Kelly’s handling of her interview with Newt Gingrich the previous evening. The interview generated a lot of interest judging by the number of outlets that reported on it and volume of associated online views and comments.

Levin began by broadly criticizing Fox News Channel, suggesting that it is degenerating in a leftward trajectory following the ascent of Rupert Murdoch’s sons James and Lachlan, described by The Hollywood Reporter as “youthful globalist moderates living in an anti-Fox world.” 

“I think it’s fair to say the Fox News Channel is imploding,” said Levin. “I think it’s fair to say that the Murdoch boys – both of whom are liberals – are slowly but surely ruining that network… their top star is Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is out of control. Megyn Kelly pretends to represent women.” 

Levin reflected on Kelly’s conduct during the first Republican presidential debate last August, in which the Fox News Channel anchor implied that Donald Trump had directed particular acrimony towards women instead of men. 

“I also feel that at the beginning of the Republican primary, [Megyn Kelly] set a fuse,” said Levin. “She was so obsessed with Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump and things that were said back and forth. She set the stage for what became month after month of vicious personal nasty attacks. And she’s doing it again.” 

Levin took umbrage with what he implied was Kelly’s focus on the superficial and sensational political news of the day, rather than a more substantive examination of America’s challenges.

“You didn’t learn a single damn thing during that segment with [Megyn Kelly] and Newt Gingrich,” lamented Levin. “There was no news. There was regurgitation. Fourteen days before an election… let’s not pretend it’s legitimate news… You learned nothing from this segment. Not a thing. Not a scintilla. Nothing.” 

mkelly_small Levin: 'If Megyn Kelly Is The Future Of Fox, Fox Will Be Dead' News

Speculating on Kelly’s motivations, Levin described her as intensely driven by careerism rather than a commitment to journalistic quality and integrity. 

Levin said he knew “as a matter of fact” that Kelly was “begging” to get on the Howard Stern show in 2010 to raise her profile. “She’s very interested in getting attention,” said Levin. “She’s very interested in getting publicity.” 

“She is auditioning, in my opinion, for a bigger forum,” said Levin. “That’s not exactly a state secret, whether it’s Good Morning America or The Today Show or even CNN, and a huge payday. Fine. But please don’t pretend you’re a journalist. And if this is the future of Fox, Fox will be dead. Because this sort of National Enquirer stuff dressed up as journalism doesn’t fly… Is this the new Fox? Unfair and unbalanced? We’re gonna build a whole network around Megyn Kelly. Yeah, and you’re kill whatever audience you have. Nobody can stomach this.”

“[Megyn Kelly is] full of drama. Attention-getting. It’s all about her,” added Levin. “You know what it is, self-aggrandizement. self-promotion.” 

Kelly’s focus on allegations of sexual assault against Trump amounted to insincere posturing from the Fox News Channel anchor over concern about sexual assault, implied Levin.  

“She’s not some leader of some feminist movement,” said Levin. “She’s hardly in a position to be representing anybody. If you want to help people against sexual predators, there are ways to do that, have a special program on the victims of sexual predators, the organizations that can help the victims, put some phone numbers on your screen. You got a big audience. But she didn’t do any of that… She positions herself as the pro-woman anchor on [Fox News Channel]. No, you’re not. And the women in my life, they can’t stand her, either.”