Liberal Labor Unions All in for Democrats: CWA, IBEW, Donations for 2016

Labor Unions: Why voters can’t make there own choices.

First Know Your Rights:

In Communications Workers of America v. Beck (1988) the Supreme Court ruled that the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) restricted unions from collecting dues for political activities if a union member chooses to opt out. The required dues can only be used for collective-bargaining and other representational activities.

The result of Beck in practice differs from state to state and from union to union.

If you live in a right-to-work state you:

  • may choose to leave the union entirely
  • may remain a member and pay their share of the representational costs

It’s important to note that unions often want to still represent all employees, even those who don’t pay dues, so union laments of “free-riders” are caused by their own preferences.

If you live in a non-right-to-work state:

  • you may opt out of paying for the non-representational activities of the union
  • unions will not usually allow partial membership, so they will often ask the employee to resign from the union
  • the opt out period is usually brief

Unions must pro-rate the dues, which are called “agency fees” when paid by nonmembers who exercise their Beck rights. These fees are calculated to include the representational activities, as well as overhead for running the union.

Beck rights notifications have changed over the years. The posting by all employers was required under George H.W. Bush, rescinded under Bill Clinton, reinstated by George W. Bush, and rescinded again under Barack Obama.
verigreedy_small Liberal Labor Unions All in for Democrats: CWA, IBEW, Donations for 2016 Liberals

Hillary Clinton Attended Labor Day Event Honoring IBEW President Lonnie R. Stephenson

The IBEW endorsed Clinton’s presidential run in June. “A vote for Clinton is a vote for a candidate who has stood by unions in the past and sees us as partners in the future,” Stephenson and International Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore J. Chilia wrote in an Electrical Worker editorial.

They noted Clinton’s support for worker-friendly judges and regulators, her commitment to massive infrastructure investments and her support for collective bargaining rights and strengthening unions. And Stephenson and Chilia pointed to her opponent Donald Trump’s published list of potential Supreme Court nominees as an imminent threat to unions and working people. “A vote for Trump is a vote to put a union-buster on the Supreme Court — simple as that,” they wrote.

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is an AFL-CIO-affiliated labor union representing more than 750,000 electrical workers nationwide. Like other unions, IBEW closely monitors legislation that would affect the rights of its workers, from health care reform to proposed changes in collective bargaining rules.

However, its agenda can vary from the broad issues, like deregulation of the nation’s energy markets, to the very specific, as in funding for Amtrak.

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Communications Workers of America –  Represents 740,000 workers in telecommunications, broadcasting, journalism and other fields. The union’s members work for companies such as AT&T, General Electric and many of the nation’s top newspapers and broadcast stations.

The union lobbies on a number of workplace issues, including health benefits, social security and prescription drug coverage. The union has also been a strong supporter of proposals to lift federal regulations and allow regional telephone companies to enter the long-distance market and offer high-speed Internet access.

cwa_small Liberal Labor Unions All in for Democrats: CWA, IBEW, Donations for 2016 Liberals

Statement by the Communications Workers of America on the Presidential Election Results

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It will take some time to get used to the fact that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.

CWA and the labor movement are more determined than ever to protect working families, jobs and communities, and we’re ready hold President-Elect Trump to his promises to advance the middle class.


Campaign finance totals for the current election cycle were released by the FEC on October 28, 2016 and by the IRS on May 02, 2016, lobbying data was released by the Senate Office of Public Records on October 28, 2016, outside spending data was released by the FEC on December 5, 2016, and PFD data was released by the House, Senate, and US Office of Government Ethics starting in June 2011.