Libertarian CATO Expert: Trump’s SCOTUS Picks Are Terrific

Katie Pavlich,

Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees has already received praise from Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and now, the libertarian CATO Institute is piling on. 

“I’m not intimately familiar with all 11 judges and I don’t expect to agree with all of them on everything, but those whose jurisprudence I know well are excellent and the others have sterling reputations.

donaldtrump22_small-2 Libertarian CATO Expert: Trump's SCOTUS Picks Are Terrific

These are not squishes or lightweights,” Senior Constitutional Studies Fellow and Editor-in-Chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review Ilya Shapiro wrote in a blog post titled, “Donald Trump’s Terrific List of Fabulous Judges.”

“I’m no fan of the Donald – and who knows whether he’d follow through if elected? – but he’s listening to the right advisers here,” Shapiro continued.

You can read the rest of his analysis here.