Life in a Police State – Plowing a Snowy Driveway almost gets Man Arrested

 I have a friend that lives in eastern Pennsylvania.  His family once owned a one-hundred and fifty acre farm there.  Over time his dad and other family members grew up, married. and built houses on the land and started their own families.  When his grandparents passed away, most of the remaining farm land was sold off but the family still remained in their houses on the properties they had subdivided.

policestate_small Life in a Police State - Plowing a Snowy Driveway almost gets Man Arrested

My friend’s house is on an acre and a half of land, and he also possesses a five acre piece of land where he has a steel building, some woods, and a two and a half acre field he uses for growing his own produce.  When his parents passed away, he bought out his siblings share of the family home as his brother and sister already had homes of their own, he had been caring for his elderly dad for ten years after his mom passed away.   

The house is directly across the street from his aunt and uncle’s house, which was originally his grandparents’ house.  His aunt and uncle’s house sits on ten acres of property, includes the original (now restored) corn crib and a large barn.

My friend’s driveway is directly across the street (a two-way street) from the field, so for over thirty years now, he plows the snow out of his driveway, across the street, and into the field.  During the recent snow storm, he was clearing out his driveway when a police officer decided to stop and give him a hard time about it.  This is the exact message my friend sent me about the incident.  You have to love cops who believe they are gods with a badge and gun.

I was plowing the driveway here at the house, and a cop stopped and threatened to arrest me for pushing the snow across the street. I said ‘I have been plowing the snow this way for the past thirty years, never had a problem, arrest me, good luck with that, go f#@k yourself!’

He left in a huff and that was that. I was waiting for him to pull his gun, he had his hand on the holster already. I don’t think he understood what I could have done with the payloader until he gave it some thought, either way it wouldn’t have ended well. It wasn’t acceptable, he was abusing his power, plain and simple. If he would have drawn, I would have been obligated to defend myself with any means available.