LISTEN: Rep. Lewis Said Republicans Are Worse Than ‘Dogs And Water Hoses In The Street’

Elliott Hamilton,

Representative John Lewis, who heroically fought for civil rights fifty years ago, made waves about his decision to skip Donald Trump’s inauguration as well as calling Trump an “illegitimate president.” That sparked a firestorm with the President-elect, who told him to focus more on his district instead of “complaining about election results.” The media and the Democrats responded harshly to Trump’s supposed audacity in responding to Lewis’s comments, with George Soros-funded Think Progress accusing Trump of being racist for doing so.

Despite the attacks on Trump, Lewis has been scrutinized for lying that he never missed an inauguration on Meet the Press​. He skipped George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001, saying that he did not “believe that Bush is the true elected president.” It is not his first time lying on a national stage, considering he lied that Tea Party members called him the n-word in 2010.

replewsisdogs_small LISTEN: Rep. Lewis Said Republicans Are Worse Than 'Dogs And Water Hoses In The Street' Racism

However, the biggest bombshell regarding Lewis this week came from Erick Erickson via The Resurgent. He wrote a piece today exposing a radio advertisement Lewis was featured in for a local race in Georgia where he compared local Republicans to the “dogs and water hoses” he experienced during the Civil Rights Movement. You can listen to the audio below:


This audio clip demonstrates, as Erickson eloquently writes in his article, that “John Lewis once said that we have to deal with racism still in this country and that we should speak frankly about it and openly and should not sweep it under the rug. He says that, then tells people their political opponents are worse than water hoses and dogs in the street.”