˜Lucifer’ Tag Undercuts Ted Cruz GOP Unity Bid

While some party leaders have been urging GOP establishment figures to rally around Ted Cruz as the best way to derail Donald Trump, ex-House Speaker John Boehner’s characterization of the Texas senator as “Lucifer in the flesh” indicates the anti-Cruz faction is alive and well.

ted-cruz-vampire_small-3 ˜Lucifer' Tag Undercuts Ted Cruz GOP Unity Bid

  • No lawmaker did more before the 2013 government shutdown to knife Boehner’s fiscal strategies than Cruz, who stoked anger among the House GOP rank-and-file — discord that would help lead to Boehner’s departure from Capitol Hill two years later
    • Now out of office and free to speak his mind — and with Cruz’s presidential bid potentially on the ropes –Boehner returned the favor
  • Other members of Congress chimed in; Rep. Peter King of N.Y. who’s also been outspoken about his dislike for Cruz, said on CNN that he “gives Lucifer a bad name”
  • Just 6 sitting senators have endorsed Cruz, despite the prominent push by one of them, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, to expand that number
  • Responding to Boehner’s disparaging comments, Cruz claimed he didn’t even know the former House speaker
    • He also knocked Boehner as Trump’s “texting and golfing buddy,” part of his effort to tie the businessman to the Washington political establishment.
    • Cruz said the much-publicized state-splitting agreement between him and John Kasich announced at the start of this week doesn’t really exist

      • “There is no alliance,” he said in Fort Wayne, Ind., according to the New York Times
      • Carly Fiorina, Cruz’s new VP pick, said on MSNBC that Trump would get “shellacked” by Hillary Clinton in Nov.’s election

      Trump last night slammed the Fiorina gambit, saying in Indianapolis that Cruz is “the first candidate who is mathematically eliminated” from winning the presidential nomination through the primary process who “picked a vice presidential candidate”

      Bernie Sanders remains “absolutely in it to win it,” his wife, Jane, told MSNBC of her husband’s Democratic presidential bid

      • She said several upcoming primaries are open to independent voters, which increases her husband’s odds.

        If reports of Trump’s success among uncommitted Pa. delegates prove accurate, he doesn’t necessarily need to win Indiana to reach 1,237 delegate level, the Upshot reports

        • Winning Ind. on May 3 “would be very helpful,” but “there’s now a credible path to winning on the first ballot without it”