Majority of Americans Sick of Media’s Anti-Trump Rants

Daniel Greenfield,

After the election, the media’s response was to double down by calling President Trump a liar in every headline and running 30,000 negative stories about him every second. It isn’t working.

The mainstream media’s open hostility to President Trump may be starting to backfire, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll.

The poll found that 55% of the public says they’ve grown “weary from the media’s persistently negative coverage of President Trump.” A roughly equal share (54%) also believe that the news media “has assumed the role of the opposition party, constantly opposing the president and his policies at every turn.”

mediafalse_small-2 Majority of Americans Sick of Media's Anti-Trump Rants Truth

Not surprisingly, Republicans overwhelmingly hold these views (88% say they’re tired of the relentless negativity), but the media’s attacks are also turning off independents (55% of whom say they’re weary of the negative coverage) and moderates (54% of whom are weary). Most also believe that the press has assumed the role of the opposition party.

Around a quarter to a third of Dems also agree. Which is bad news for the media’s whole “If you criticise us, you’re Lenin” campaign. 

A study by the nonpartisan group Media Tenor found that only 3% of network news stories in the first month of the Trump administration could be described as positive. Of the rest, 43% were deemed negative, and 54% neutral. That’s a stark contrast to the overwhelmingly positive coverage of the early Obama administration, despite the fact that Obama had his own share of early stumbles.

Even that is rather improbably positive. The neutral stories tend to be more subtly slanted.