Manafort is fine tuning Trump’s election machine #TrumpTrain

Wayne Dupree, News Ninja

If the Republican establishment steals the nomination by the delegate process instead of letting the voters say in the matter, they will drive their last nail in their coffin. The voters will never support the party again seeing the corruption.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s new man, is starting to fine tune the Trump train getting it ready to take down the Cruz caboose. Trump has been doing things his way and got to a point he was way out in front, but he needed veteran closer Manafort to come in to seal the deal.

From The Hill:

Our target date is June 7, but our goal is in the middle of May to be the presumptive nominee,” said Paul Manafort, Trump’s new convention manager.

He said Trump would have to go on a month-long hot streak starting with New York’s April 19 primary, quiet talks of a contested convention and gain commitments from unbound delegates.

The earliest Trump could amass the necessary 1,237 delegates to clinch is June 7, when California and New Jersey vote. Between now and then, he’d need to win 60 percent of the delegates available, according to the report.

manafort_small1 Manafort is fine tuning Trump's election machine #TrumpTrain

Trump’s rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich have said they anticipate a contested convention in which they’ll try to flip Trump delegates.

The establishment is rigged and the voting block is a fraud. The elite already knows who will be president. When Trump pulls this one off, this will be used as a textbook reference as far as efficiency and results. He has been outspent 8-9x to 1, and he is the clear leader.

Has anyone noticed Trump has fought seven battles simultaneously vs. Cruz, vs. GOPe, vs. local GOP delegate hacks, vs. anti-PACs, vs. FOX, vs. Main Stream Media, vs. Clinton? No other candidate would be standing but taking on the establishment is only for the stout of heart.

Stay strong Trumpeters! Don’t breath in the bus exhaust from Cruzbots! Donald’s got this.