Marco Rubio Goes Rogue on Twitter; Teases Future Presidential Run

Charlie Spiering, Breitbart

After being dwarfed by Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, Sen. Marco Rubio has remained largely quiet and diplomatic as he returned to the Senate to finish out his term.

But at around 10:00 pm last night, the Florida senator fired up his Twitter account to send several rapid fire tweets to slam an article written by the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza that speculated about Rubio’s political future, citing inside information.

“Funny to read about unnamed ‘people close’ to me who claim to know my thinking on future plans. They just make it up,” he wrote. “Unnamed sources ‘close to’ often just people who want to sound like they are in the know. And reporters desperate for content just accept it. Word of advice, people often claim to know more that they really do because they enjoy status of being perceived as ‘in the know.’”

He also mocked a line from Cillizza suggesting that he was “a bit at sea” for his next political move.

“I have only said like 10000 times I will be a private citizen in January,” the frustrated senator tweeted.

rubio2_small-2 Marco Rubio Goes Rogue on Twitter; Teases Future Presidential Run

But as he prepares to exit the political spotlight, Rubio hinted that he might return.

“As for future in politics, well it’s nearly impossible for someone not in office to ever become a successful candidate for President,” he teased. “Right?”

Rubio went on to mock false insider journalist reports about his workout routines before admitting that he had tweeted enough for the evening.

“Ok that’s enough for one night,” he admitted, after an hour of sharing his thoughts. “Twitter isn’t something you should just rush back into. You have to slowly increase the dosage.”

By morning, however, Rubio appeared to have things back under control, tweeting about Zika virus photos and meeting Florida police officers.

He also dropped a note about Twitter’s decision to count photos and links as part of the 140 character limit.

“This is a very promising development. Just in time for my return to Twitter,” he wrote.